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Meaning of the name

Ruben means "caretaker" in Hebrew.


As a child, Ruben is a very nervous child. It goes away with age. Ruben is very hardworking and efficient. The profession usually chooses the same as that of the father (grandfather).

Ruben believes that he must continue the dynasty. Ruben loves children very much. Marriage for him is a necessity. Falls in love with his wife usually a couple of years after the wedding. Many children are born in his family.

Ruben is very good at understanding people. He is an agreeable person, kind, slightly absent-minded, likes to philosophize. Likes to visit, loves to choose and give gifts.


Sex for Ruben is a process that is necessary for the conception of children. Ruben doesn't like surprises. He prefers sex with his legal spouse, and preferably on a schedule. Often Ruben's wife is his only woman for life.

In sex, Ruben does not take the initiative, and prefers the missionary position. Aggressive women, brightly colored and defiantly dressed, cause him a feeling of fear and frustration.

Ruben prefers modest, quiet women who are not particularly beautiful. To relax, Ruben needs to be confident in his partner.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Pisces.


The sound of the name Ruben gives the impression of something strong, powerful.

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