The most famous secret societies

The most famous secret societies

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The world is full of large organizations, whose activities, however, are not always visible. Most secret societies are formed for real political and religious purposes, and their focus on hidden activities has made the existence of organizations part of endless conspiracy theories. As a result, secret organizations are credited with a range of activities from occult pursuits to world domination. In reality, such clubs are much more harmless than they are trying to be imagined, but one cannot discount the fact that they are still engaged in fascinating, but strange practices, and, moreover, influencing world events. With that in mind, below are the ten most famous and powerful secret societies in history.

Order of the Eastern Templars (Orientis Ordo Templi). The most famous member of this organization is Aleister Crowley. The Order is a mystical organization that emerged in the early twentieth century. The scheme is similar to a less covert association, the Freemasons. The Eastern Templars rely on ritual and occult practices as a means of moving community members from one level to another. The general philosophy of the order is based on a new era of esoteric principles and practices, as a way of realizing true identity. Much of the group's knowledge, including the manifesto Mysteria Mystica Maxima, belongs to the eccentric renowned occultist Aleister Crowley. It was he who later became the leader of this secret society. After Crowley's death, the Order's influence and popularity waned, but today there are many more branches of the community scattered around the world. Mainly, these are the USA, Great Britain, European countries. The growing popularity of Aleister Crowley at one time led to the fact that his brainchild, the Order of the Eastern Templars, eventually came to light. As a result, the organization became much less secretive than before. However, this does not mean the loss of the most secret and forbidden practices. Chief among them is the association of sexual addiction, especially the doctrine of "Worship of the phallus" and the magic of masturbation.

Bilderberg Club. This organization does not have such prominent leaders and well-known members as the previous one. However, many include Ben Bernanke, the chairman of the US Federal Reserve, representatives of the royal families of the Netherlands and Spain, senior officials of the World Bank, and representatives of large corporations. As such, the club is not a secret society, but it operates in accordance with the proper veil of secrets. Unsurprisingly, conspiracy theories and heated debate immediately surfaced. The Bilderberg Club was established in 1954 and since then it has been convening its members only by exclusive invitation. As a result, a conference of various world leaders, industrial and media tycoons is convened. The club originally set out to tackle the dominance of Americanism in Europe after World War II, but over the years there has been widespread debate over understanding between the two rich cultures. The controversy surrounding the activities of the Bilderberg Club is quite understandable: the press is not allowed there, what the members say remains unknown. Only minor details are officially told to the public. This secrecy, along with heightened security for the venue, which includes armed police officers, security guards and even fighter jets patrolling the skies, has created a number of conspiracy theories about the club. The most popular versions say that the group is trying to manage the direction of the policy of states, financial markets and the media in certain directions, prescribed by them. The Bilderberg Club is even referred to as the "One World Government". The versions that the club as its main goal seeks to achieve universal agreement and an end to the proliferation of nuclear weapons seem simply unconvincing and naive.

Order of Assassin Assassins (Hashshashin). There were no known members in this organization. The Assassins, or Nizari, were a mysterious group of Muslims operating in the Middle East in the 13th century. The group consisted of Shiites who split from the main sect and united to create their own utopian state. With very few members of the Order, they chose to use guerrilla tactics against their enemies, including espionage, sabotage and political assassination. The Assassins infiltrated their highly trained agents into enemy cities and bases with orders to attack at specified times. Secret killers were known for their efforts to minimize civilian casualties, while victims were often frightened by the invisibility of their pursuers. According to the story, the enemy leaders, waking up in the morning, found an assassin's dagger on their pillow with the note "You are in our power." Over time, the legend of the secret Order grew. Even before the organization was finally destroyed by the Mongols, the assassins became famous for allegedly fulfilling orders for such historical figures as King Richard the Lionheart. At about the same time as the Order disintegrated, the entire library containing the records of Nizari was destroyed. So much information has been lost that today the Assassins are only a myth. The legend about the use of drugs and intoxicants by members of the Order of the group looks controversial. The word "Hashshashin" itself translates roughly as "Users of hashish", which indicates the possible use of stimulating substances in battle. The term itself was discredited, but later the Nizari transformed it into the modern word "assassin" (assassin).

Black hand. The most famous member of this secret organization was Gavrilo Princip. The Black Hand secret society (also known as Unity or Death) was a national terrorist organization. It included anti-imperialist revolutionaries who fought for the liberation of Serbia from the rule of Austria-Hungary. The Black Hand was born in 1912. It is believed that the organization was originally an offshoot of People's Defense, a group that seeks to unite all Slavic peoples in Europe. Taking into account its goals, the organization began to conduct anti-Austrian propaganda, preparing saboteurs and murderers for the overthrow of state power in the province. The plans included inciting war between Austria and Serbia, which would make it possible to get out of the imperial yoke and unite the Slavic peoples. The head of the Black Hand was Colonel Dragutin Dmitrievich, who served as the head of the Serbian counterintelligence service. In fact, the entire state apparatus of the country was controlled by a secret organization. Today, the activities of this terrorist organization would be forgotten if it were not for the participation of the "Black Hand" in one of the most significant events of the 20th century. In 1914, a group of terrorists from Mlada Bosna (a branch of the Black Hand) assassinated the Austrian Archduke Ferdinand, initiating World War I. Events began to grow like a snowball. Soon, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, the allies of both sides entered into action. On the ruins of the First World War, the Second World War broke out, and later the "Cold War". Thus, the Black Hand can be considered one of the most influential forces of the turbulent twentieth century.

Knights of the Golden Circle. The most famous members of the organization are rumored to be John Wilkes Booth, Jesse James and Franklin Pierce. This secret community flourished in the United States during the American Civil War. Initially, the group sought to support the annexation of Mexico and the West Indies, which could contribute to the revival of the dying slave trade. However, with the outbreak of hostilities, the Knights turned their attention from colonialism to ardent support for the new Confederate government. The organization had several thousand followers who even formed their own partisan detachments and began raiding fortresses in the West. In the northern states, the mysterious order also had a great influence. Many newspapers and public figures sympathized with the Southerners, including President Franklin Pierce, a member of the Knights. Unlike most other secret societies, it not only only cares about rare encounters and mysterious plans. The knights were able to organize their own army and tried to solve their problems precisely from a position of strength. In 1860, a militant group attempted to invade Mexico. During their own war, the Knights robbed the stagecoaches and even tried to block the port in San Francisco. For a short time, they even managed to take control of the southern state of New Mexico. With the end of the Civil War, the organization's activities gradually came to naught, although it is she who is accused of organizing the assassination of Lincoln.

Thule Society. The most famous members of this German occult and political secret society were Rudolf Hess, Arthur Rosenberg, and even rumored to be Adolf Hitler himself. If many secret organizations are only suspected of their ulterior motives, then in the case of the Thule Society everything turned out to be proven. Immediately after the end of the First World War, this organization was unofficially created in Germany. The original Masonic ideas were quickly replaced by the occult, over time the organization began to promote the ideology of the superiority of the Aryan race. This has translated into a racist approach towards Jews and other minorities. Over time, the secret society could boast of several thousand of its members, and even published its own propaganda newspaper. In 1919, members of the Thule Society organized the political organization "German Workers' Party". Later, the young Adolf Hitler became a member, and she herself transformed into the National Socialist German Party, giving rise to Nazism. Members of the Thule Society, long before the advent of Nazism, took part in strange activities. They enthusiastically tried to find the origins of the Aryan race, looking for them in the mythical land of Thule. According to legends, a mythical land with a developed civilization existed somewhere in the North Pole region, and Iceland is all that remains of the land that has sunk under the water. There are many conspiracy theories around the Thule Society. Although the organization was banned by Hitler, it is said that it was she who gave him the magical secrets of power and successful public speaking.

Sons of Liberty. Notable members of this society are Paul Revere, John and Samuel Adams, John Hancock. The Sons of Liberty are a loosely organized group of dissidents who operated in America even before the Revolutionary War. Their purpose was to bring about a change in British law in the light of the administration of the colonies. The Sons of Liberty did not exist as a secret society in the traditional sense of the word, but rather an amalgamation of patriotic groups in support of a common goal. They usually met in Boston, near the elm, which has since been called the "Liberty" tree. It was here that the group developed its resistance policy, which included the distribution of brochures and even some sabotage and terrorist acts. Such actions led to the fact that the British began to persecute the "Sons of Liberty", considering their actions criminal. The organization even began to be called "Sons of Violence". As a result, the group became most visible among those who sowed the seeds of revolution among the colonists, and to create the famous phrase "No taxation without representation!" Although the Sons of Liberty in Boston was the most famous group, factions were spread across the 13 colonies. One group in Rhode Island looted and burned the British merchant ship Gaspi in protest against unfair laws, while others simply vilified British supporters. But the most famous case involving the Sons is the Boston Tea Party in 1773, when a member of the community disguised as Indians dropped tea from British ships into the sea. These events marked the beginning of the American Revolution.

Skull and Bones. The most famous representatives of this secret society are George W. Bush and George W. Bush, as well as John Kerry. The Ivy League colleges are known for their many secret societies and student organizations. Yale's Skull and Bones is the most famous of these. The organization arose in 1833, its members must be from the aristocracy, Protestants and Anglo-Saxon origin. Today, new members join the community every spring, the only real condition is that the applicant must be the leader of their campus. As a result, the secret organization includes athletes, student council members and presidents of other fraternities. Several US presidents, many senators, and Supreme Court justices came out of Skull and Bones. This gave reason to believe that the organization is semi-underground, uniting the country's political elite. No one denies that this club is well funded - the graduates have created the Russel Trust Association, which keeps the funds of the society. According to rumors, the group even owns its own island in upstate New York. Although the secret practices of Skull and Bones are not secret, rumors of mandatory rituals still circulate today. Although the society meets twice a week, it is still unknown what this is about. To the dismay of conspiracy theorists, all credible rumors are pretty harmless. The group is associated in practice exclusively with student pranks. The glory of "Skull and Bones" was given by the legends about how new members are obliged to talk about their sexual fantasies, and the analysis of sexual stories of childhood and adolescence is being carried out. It is also customary to give nicknames to all members of society. So, the tallest of them is called the "Long Devil", the one who has the greatest sexual experience is called "Magog" (William and Robert Taft and Bush Sr. had this name). But Bush Jr., apparently, with his talents could not conquer the group, having received the nickname "Provisional".

Illuminati. The most famous members of the order are called Goethe and Ferdinand of Braunschweig. In popular culture and the realm of strange and mysterious conspiracy theories, it's no secret that this secret society exists. The Illuminati end up appearing in books, movies and television. As usual, most people perceive the Illuminati as just a myth, but the evidence suggests that such a real organization did exist in Germany in the late 1700s. At the time, the members of the group were enlightened freethinkers who became a radical offshoot of the Enlightenment. But society soon turned its back on this group, whose views on morality, upbringing and applied methods were too radical. Rumors soon spread that dissidents were intent on overthrowing the government or even deliberately fomenting the French Revolution.Although the secret society soon disintegrated, its influence remained strong. According to rumors, they simply continued their activities, completely disappearing into the shadows. The Illuminati are credited with creating the United States and the October Revolution in Russia. Through constant references in popular literature, the Illuminati still inspire fear today. Modern conspiracy theorists argue that the secret society managed to survive and now exists as a sinister shadow government, directing the actions of world politics and industry in the right direction. The Bush, Winston Churchill and Barack Obama families are believed to be the Illuminati today, but no evidence of such a group has ever been found. Nevertheless, the secret society of the Illuminati is one of the most famous and popular today.

Freemasons. The number of famous members of Masonic lodges is truly impressive, one can only recall Winston Churchill, Mark Twain, Henry Ford and Ben Franklin. Today they are less powerful and secretive than ever, but they still remain one of the most famous fraternities in the world. Only officially members of Freemasonry are about 5 million people. Officially, Masons were born in 1717, although there are some documents testifying to the activities of the group in the XIV century. The fraternity was originally created for people who share key philosophical ideas, including belief in a higher being. Masons paid a lot of attention to morality, as a result, many of the heads of lodges became known for their charitable activities and community service. Despite these harmless qualities, it was not without criticism of the Freemasons. Conspiracy theorists accuse them of involvement in nefarious occult practices and the existence of even political groups. Traditionally, churches of all denominations have criticized Masons, as their moral teachings and esoteric spiritual beliefs are at odds with traditional religion. In the old days, Freemasonry was based on unique traditions and principles. Today, when the number of members is so large and the lodges are scattered all over the world, it becomes difficult to maintain the foundations. Only one practice, called the method of induction, remained unchanged. The initiate must be recommended in the group by someone who is already a Freemason, and in order to reach the level of "Master" a person must pass three different degrees. Members have prescribed modes of greeting each other, including handshakes, gestures, and passwords, and non-lodge members are prohibited from attending meetings.

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