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Meaning of the name

Juliana translated from Latin means "unique".


As a child, Juliana is stubborn, distrustful, has a complex character. Little Juliana is a sickly child, allergic. She studies well at school, likes to read, plays music, dances. Juliana is plastic and graceful.

Growing up, Juliana becomes more impulsive, at first she does, then she thinks. Relations with the mother often deteriorate. Juliana gets along more with her father, although she looks more like her mother both in appearance and in character.

Juliana has the ability to learn foreign languages, she is good at mathematics and physics. Juliana does not tolerate criticism, she is vulnerable, gullible, too fastidious.

Juliana can work as a teacher, designer, electronic engineer, graphic designer, designer, fashion designer.

Juliana is an "owl", does not tolerate early waking up, her working capacity increases in the evening. Juliana is an excellent cook, she loves to waste money.

Juliana, born in winter, creates difficulties for herself in life, loves to argue on any topic. Winter Juliana is an extrovert. She loves to dress brightly, defiantly, with pleasure she makes fun of people she dislikes.

Juliana, born in summer, is kind, loves to read, adores animals. She is romantic and sentimental, she loves to play love.


For Juliana, relationships are a game shrouded in romance and eroticism. Juliana is not a very good partner for a man, because she does not know how to quickly adapt to the type of sexuality of a partner, does not want to compromise.

Juliana perfectly knows how to stand up for herself, and knows what she wants from life. Juliana does not like one-sidedness and earthiness in relationships. In sex, which delivers only carnal pleasure, Juliana seeks to add romanticism and poetry. Her excessive love interest creates some difficulties for her. Juliana needs sex as a form of asserting herself in eroticism.

There are many frigid women among these women who simply pretend passion and indomitable sexual attraction, doing it very artistic. Juliana is subject to sudden changes in mood, she can go from increased arousal to a complete refusal of sex. She is jealous, although she tries to suppress this feeling, she does not forgive a man's infidelity.

Juliana is often a woman with an unsettled personal destiny, striving to command men. Her sexual behavior is somewhat aggressive, she loves to command in the sexual process, does not tolerate rudeness. Expects obedience and admiration from a man.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio.


The sound of the name Julian gives the impression of something soft, gentle, safe.

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