The most unusual drugs

The most unusual drugs

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Drugs are substances that can alter human consciousness in very unusual ways. If earlier drugs were natural natural components - herbs, nuts, grains, parts of animals, now this product is being made in full by the chemical industry.

In pursuit of a high, drug addicts are ready for anything - not only for a crime, but also for inventions. It is no coincidence that the number of intoxicating agents is quite large, and some of them are so exotic that no one would have discerned special properties in them.

And although some claim that drugs are mostly an easy way to relax, the use of some of them has a terrible effect on a person's life and health. We'll talk about the most unusual drugs that stand out not only for their origin, but also for their effect on humans.

Zolpidem. It turns out that sleepwalking can be induced artificially, with the help of pills. This medicine is called zolpidem. It has many side effects, including nausea, sleepwalking and even driving in this state of vehicles. Another name for the drug is ambien. It was originally developed as a sleeping pill alternative to Valium. Usually the medicine works without any problems - patients take a pill in the evening, and wake up in the morning without any unusual feelings, and even more so without incident. But in some people, this drug causes unusual behavioral disturbances - strange actions are performed during sleep. It happened that after taking zolpidem, some woke up, crashing into something in their car. An even more unusual story occurred with a couple from Australia, who were both taking this medicine. The wife had a hallucination - it seemed to her that she soared above the bed. Then the woman vomited violently. And my husband gathered up spatulas in the house to clean up after her. When they woke up, the couple first decided that they had a bad dream. But looking around, they realized that everything was in reality.

Scopolamine. This drug is widely used by Colombian criminals, but not as a means of earning, but as a weapon. The fact is that bandits blow scopolamine in the face of their enemies, which allows them to cause amnesia and susceptibility to suggestion from the outside. This powerful drug has such properties. The rather easy possibility of using scopolamine turns out to be scary. The criminals simply blow powder in the face of the victim, after which they themselves help to rob their home and give away all the secrets of the bank account. And the next morning, the victim does not remember anything at all about what happened to her. There were even rumors that in America they tried to stupefy people by touching business cards soaked in this drug. However, this remained at the level of speculation. It's a good thing that such a drug is used in Colombia alone.

Nutmeg. It turns out that many housewives have a hallucinogen hiding in the pantry. It is nutmeg, which combines nutritional value with narcotic potential. High doses of nutmeg lead to hallucinations. As a result, those who do not have funds for drugs or who are looking for a way to legally use intoxicants simply take large doses of this common spice. But the impact of nutmeg is generally unpleasant and gives a sense of detachment from reality, and not just psychedelic pictures. A person not only sees unusual images, but also feels anxiety, feeling his imminent death. Yes, and the physical effects of taking such a remedy are also present - the heart begins to beat faster, there is nausea, dry mouth, problems with urination. By adding this spice to food, we clearly do not count on such effects.

Growth hormone (STH). As the name suggests, this substance allows a person to grow. Some athletes believe that STH can help them recover from exercise. The experimenters are not confused by the lack of evidence for this. But this substance can have extremely negative side effects, turning a person into a real comic book villain. One of the most significant abnormalities is acromegaly. The disease manifests itself in thickening of the skin, swelling of the arms and legs. The jaw seems to move forward, becoming pronounced. In addition, there are still gaps between the teeth. So in pursuit of sporting achievements, some are ready to risk becoming like a notorious villain. By the way, actor Richard Keel, who played the villain in a couple of James Bond films, suffered from such a disease. Until recently, the unreasonable adoption of growth hormone threatened with even more dire consequences. The fact is that this substance was obtained from the bodies of dead people. This was not only immoral, but also led to frequent cases of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, which with its symptoms resembled mad cow disease.

Bromo-dragonfly (Bromo-dragonFLY). This drug is an enhanced version of the well-known LSD. Its distinguishing feature is a scary psychedelic trip that can last for three days. And the drug got its name due to its unusual molecular structure, which resembles a dragonfly in appearance. Bromo dragonfly is often sold under the guise of regular LSD, and the drug is active in low doses. And if the LSD trip lasts for several hours, then in this case it stretches for several days and is accompanied by many terrible side effects. These include vascular blockages, spasms, and seizures. It happens that it is necessary to even amputate his limbs to save a person's life. The effects of this drug have been described as "a journey to hell and back." Interestingly, Bromo-dragonFLY is only explicitly banned in Sweden and Denmark. In other countries, it can be purchased from online stores under the guise of an experimental chemical, not for internal use. But does this stop drug addicts? But the formula of the substance is so complex that it is impossible to make it handicraft.

Rimonabant. This medication causes depression and suicidal tendencies as a side effect. But initially rimonabant was intended to dull the feeling of hunger. Marijuana, in addition to its intoxicating effect, causes a strong appetite in people. Scientists decided to create a medicine with the opposite effect, which would dull hunger. The principle of action of rimonabant is to affect the same areas of the brain as in marijuana, only with the opposite effect. The idea really succeeded, the drug was registered as a means of fighting obesity. Research has shown that the opposite of marijuana manifested itself in other factors. Thanks to this drug, the experimental animals improved short-term memory and sperm motility. But unexpectedly, there were strong side effects. Those who have ever smoked marijuana know that a puff brings a smile on their face. Grass makes people feel happy. And rimonabant had the opposite effect - after taking it, people plunged into depression and began to think about taking their own lives.

Etorphine. This drug is called super-heroin, because it is five thousand times stronger than it. An overdose is possible even from a simple contact of a substance with human skin. But heroin is known for its destructive power, bringing a lot of suffering and a sense of hopelessness. Isn't it strange after that that scientists decided to create a drug many times more powerful? The effects of etorphine are similar to morphine and heroin. But among fans of narcotic drugs it never became popular. The fact is that etorphin is so strong that only death is the result of its action. And the drug is used as a sedative for large animals. Just one gram of the substance is enough to euthanize hundreds of three-ton elephants. But a person should be careful - after all, contact with the skin of the drug can be fatal when used. That is why there is always an assistant with an antidote next to the one who injects the animal in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Dinitrophenol (DNP). It turned out that the drug for the fight against obesity also has many peculiar features. Dinitrophenol really knows how to burn fat, but it does it so well that the patient's temperature rises sharply and he literally burns out from the inside. A drug called DNP or 2,4-Dinitrophenol allows the body to use energy in new ways. Normally, it is formed from food and is used to work the heart, muscles, and internal organs. If an excess of energy is formed in the body, then it is transformed into fatty deposits on the buttocks and abdomen. The body seems to be storing supplies, preparing for the moment when energy is needed, and food for its production will not be enough. In the 1930s, people came up with a new drug, DNP. It was supposed to fight obesity through a new approach to using energy in the body. Now you could eat sweet and fat while lying on the couch, and the body would spend energy intensively. Sounds tempting, but dinitrophenol has a big drawback. Already in 1938, the drug was removed from the market. After all, it turned out that people were literally welded from the inside due to the high temperature. There was also an acceleration of the heartbeat, increased sweating, which in combination often became the cause of death. Surprisingly, today there is a demand for this drug - it is available on the Internet. Wanting to lose weight without difficulty, people are even willing to risk their lives.

Synthetic marijuana. This unusually powerful man-made drug, DMHP, was invented by the US military. The substance was so effective that a dose of 1 milligram deprives the soldiers of the ability to do anything for three days. In the 1950s and 1970s, the US military worked on a very hilarious project called Edgewood Arsenal. The army tried to find new, unusual weapons. For this, research was carried out, during which the soldiers were given various drugs and chemicals. The scientists then observed the reaction of the test subjects, recording all of their actions. One of the substances proposed for study is the super-strong synthetic marijuana DMHP. Its symptoms are akin to those that appear after using a natural remedy. People had red eyes, apathy and slowness set in, appetite woke up. It turned out that a dose of 0.2 thousandth of a gram is enough for a person to start laughing just at the sight of their shoes. A milligram dose put the soldiers out of action for three days. According to research reports, the perfect way has been found to disable the enemy's ability to resist without killing him. After all, one could simply spread the drug over the enemies, and after an hour take the enemy's position without any resistance. At this time, the soldiers will have fun and make fun of each other. And in the 1970s, it turned out that even more advanced types of chemical weapons appeared and the development of this direction was suspended.

Crocodile. This is the name of the Russian variety of heroin. Its distinctive feature is the literal eating of the flesh of an addict. The substance itself is very cheap to manufacture. The effect is so strong that it is comparable in effect to heroin. Here is just one of the side effects is destruction of the flesh. The method of replacing heroin with a "crocodile" appeared in Russia as a cheap and easy way to get a portion of the high. Several pain relievers can be purchased at the pharmacy, then desomorphine is prepared using the chemicals available again, similar to its effect on heroin. It can be understood how dangerous a combination of medicines, dishwashing detergent, and lighter fluid is for internal use. The brown liquid obtained on their basis is called "crocodile". This name appeared due to the fact that over time, the skin of abusers of this drug becomes like a crocodile. People are literally covered with scales, which are the result of toxic substances eroding their flesh. Regular use of this drug leads to terrible rotting of the flesh, up to the bone, and subsequent death.

Hallucinogenic toads. The toads bufo marinus live in South America, which is a narcotic drug. Somehow, the person learned that licking these frogs can experience a hallucinogenic effect. It can be compared to the effects of LSD. It turns out that the glands of toads contain bufotenin, which is a natural hallucinogen. People have learned to use the "talents" of toads in another form. The frog is caught, skinned and dried. This material is then used as raw material for "special" cigarettes. But fans of such a natural drug should be careful, because bufotenin causes only mild intoxication and a slight euphoria, but poison from the glands of a toad can lead to cardiac arrest and human death.

Khat grass. This herb grows in India, Arabia, Somalia and Sri Lanka. People have long noticed that the leaves of this plant have a narcotic effect. Scientists have confirmed this by finding cathinone in the khat. This chemical is similar in structure and effects to amphetamine. Chewing on khat leaves is a traditional activity in the Middle East and East Africa. For Arabs, the tradition is as old and strong as for Europeans drinking coffee. In addition, the low price of the drug is also attractive - a bunch of a plant costs only 4 cents. But chewing the leaves reduces fatigue and decreases appetite. However, the drug also has its hidden sides. Its regular use leads to sleep disorders, digestion disorders, and frequent headaches. Chewing khat can cause oral cancer, and the effects on the nervous system can lead to depression. Problems can arise if the plant has been treated with pesticides.

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