The most unusual weddings

The most unusual weddings

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The press is very fond of talking about unusual or even stupid events. We will tell below about the most non-standard marriages that have taken place in recent years.

Chinese people Xiao Liu and Xiao Wang got married in Chongqing. Their wedding was surrounded by a huge number of red roses. There were 99999 noble flowers in the ceremony. To buy that many roses, the groom had to spend everything he earned in the previous year. To deliver such a number of flowers to the park, 30 cars were hired. This number of roses at the wedding was not chosen by chance. The fact is that the number 99999 in Asia is considered very lucky, so the couple believes that it will bring good luck to their marriage.

They say that in the life of any woman there are only two important things - love and shoes. American Lisa Satayut decided to combine these two components of her happiness. She married Drew Ellis, and the ceremony took place in an unusual location. The wedding took place at the T.J. Maxx shoe store in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. The newlyweds pronounced their marriage vows in the discount department. The bride thinks this is her happy place. Lisa started visiting T.J. Maxx has been brought there by her mother since the age of seven. When the woman died 7 years ago, the girl thought that a wedding in a shoe store would help her get closer to her mother. This is how the young spouse spoke about the choice of the place for the wedding.

The key to an unusual wedding can be the original outfits of the newlyweds. Chinese beekeepers Li Wenhua and Yan Gongxia decided to reflect the specifics of their profession in wedding suits. Each of them put on a costume for the wedding, consisting of ten thousand bees. The couple has been dealing with honey insects for over 20 years, so they could not have had their wedding without them. The bride and groom decided that the swarm should hum melodiously throughout the ceremony. To do this, the young took each queen bee, it attracted the rest of the swarm and created such unusual wedding dresses.

Americans Michael Curry and April Pignataro decided to play their wedding underwater. The ceremony took place not in an ordinary pool, but in a real aquarium. Formidable sharks swam alongside people, and an action took place in Riverhead, New York. The bride was all in white, as it should be. However, instead of a dress, she wore a wetsuit. The witnesses and guests at the wedding were not only sharks, but also eels and other fish. The people invited to the ceremony preferred to watch her from behind the glass. At the end of the action, the bride herself said: “My old dream has come true. After all, we both love adventure and are constantly diving. " But the wedding had its own inconveniences. So, April's hairstyle had to be redone several times. After all, not even the most durable styling can withstand immersion in water. But the makeup remained unchanged, because the bride was immersed in water wearing a mask.

On September 9, 1999, a real wedding boom took place in Asia. The fact is that they adore everything that includes the number nine. That is why, on such a happy day, many couples decided to get married. In one of the temples of Kuala Lumpur, they simply took and organized a massive wedding ceremony. At the same time, several hundred people entered into marriage at once.

An unusual marriage proposal may also precede an original wedding. Jason Kale was able to surprise his girlfriend Alisha Decker. On August 21, 2009, he invited her to take an air flight in a private jet. When the couple flew through an agricultural farm, he showed her a field where it was written in five-meter plastic letters "Alisha, will you marry me?" Moved by such an act, the girl immediately accepted the offer.

In the same year, Noah Fulmore and Erin Finnegan celebrated their wedding far from Earth, in zero gravity. The newlyweds climbed several kilometers above the Gulf of Mexico. They even had to kiss upside down. After all, it is quite difficult to take a normal position in an unusual state of weightlessness. Such an unusual event for newlyweds was organized by the Zero-G company. Its name stands for zero-gravity, or "weightlessness." A spokeswoman for the company said that the event passed without any particular problems. First, the whole action was rehearsed on Earth. As a result, the couple assumed that they were waiting in zero gravity, in addition, there were trained company personnel next to them. In the event of a hitch with the wedding, they would immediately come to the rescue. A specially equipped Boeing 727 was used for the ceremony. He flew in a parabolic arc, creating a feeling of weightlessness inside. This is the very situation when everything literally turned upside down, however, fortunately, nobody was seasick. The news of the unusual wedding prompted several hundred more people to repeat the same event. The company generally provides a whole range of various services, and its prices range from 18 to 168 thousand dollars.

One of the supermarkets in Minnesota has a Love Chapel. When she celebrated her 15th birthday, the ministers promised to marry free of charge those 15 couples who would agree to make their ceremony even more unusual. The wedding was to take place on a roller coaster located right in the complex. On April 15, 2009, 15 newlyweds exchanged not only solemn vows, but also their first joint shouts. To keep the dresses from fluttering on the track, the brides had to take off their veils and tuck in their lush outfits.

NASCAR racer Kyle Bush once offered his services as best man to a young couple - Damon and Heather Landry. On February 27, 2009, the best man racer drove the young people to Las Vegas, handed them the rings at the altar and was one of the first to wish them a happy family life. Immediately thereafter, Bush headed to auto racing, where he won his first victory of that season.

Valentine's Day is a great time to get married. It was on this day that the Thai Kunanan Jantry took his bride, and jumped down with her from the cliff. However, the tragedy did not happen, because Jantry had a safety rope. The fact is that in Thailand, jumping off a cliff on February 14 is considered a good tradition.

Another couple chose the same day for their wedding, but for different reasons. 72-year-old Moselle Wales married 66-year-old Gina Kincheloe. Surprisingly, they got married at a funeral home in Twin Falls, Idaho. And such an unusual place was not chosen by chance. A year before that, the future spouses met, finding themselves in the same psychological help group. They were in therapy together after their longtime spouse died.

An icy welcome at their wedding was given by a German couple - Anita Bolik and Klaus Grunenberg. And it's not at all about the disgusting character of the spouses. In January 2009, they got married in a chapel made entirely of ice. It happened in the Austrian ski resort of Kitzbuhel. The original chapel was built by the future spouse himself. It took him four days to complete everything. But he promised that in this place and other couples can conduct similar ceremonies. However, those wishing to marry in an icy environment should understand that in the spring it will simply melt.

It turns out that weddings can be a very humane event. This is exactly what happened on December 8, 2008. Then from one Manila prison, 14 prisoners were released at once. True, they were allowed to spend only one day outside the prison. This time should have been enough for them so that they could have time to marry their beloved. As a result, the prisoners were able to get married wearing civilian suits, and not the usual prison uniforms. But this pleasure did not last long.

People often get married according to their beliefs. So, the Czech polar explorer Vaclav Sura could not convince his beloved Martina Koluchova to fly with him to the cold pole. But the girl agreed to visit the freezer. The wedding took place in Prague on July 21, 2007, but the temperature around was -30 degrees. This is how the industrial refrigerator froze. The groom was no stranger to, because two years before that he had already visited the North Pole. But one can only guess about the feelings of the bride.

The 2007 Boston Marathon was marked by an interesting event. Aaron Russell and Pattienne McAdams were involved in the wedding. True, the couple had to pause to calmly say about their consent to marry. The beloved tried to dress as smartly as possible in such a situation. The groom was wearing a tuxedo, though only painted on his shirt. And Pattienne was running in a white tracksuit.

An unknown couple from the Chinese city of Hangzhou decided to hold their wedding on the bus. At the same time, it was decided to play the celebration on the second floor of this vehicle. Having climbed there, the young people immediately made their honeymoon. They enjoyed the cityscape from the top of the bus.

In Buena Park, California, on February 12, 1999, 13 couples immediately got married, doing it on a roller coaster. After the end of the betrothal ceremony, the newly-made spouses went through ups and downs together, thus preparing for their future life together.

Often people get married at the monuments, it is not unusual that weddings are played near the statues of Christ. But Bob Woodbury and Emily Johnson decided to hold their wedding near the underwater figure of God. Lake Key Largo in the Florida Keys has one. On August 22, 1998, lovers on the shore made oaths of allegiance to each other, after which they dived to the statue.

Berliners Evelyn Niu and Christoph Galuska made their wedding kiss high above the Earth, in a balloon gondola. It happened on July 22, 1998. True, the event was nevertheless unofficial - the authorities did not give permission for the marriage in this form. Therefore, a real wedding with traditional attributes was still held later.

On October 22, 1995, a unique event took place during the break of the American football match between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Atlanta Falcons. 200 pairs of young people legalized their relationship, and it happened right on the football field. At the same time, the newlyweds dressed for the wedding, whoever wanted what. There were those who came to the solemn event in traditional costumes, and there were those who chose jeans. There were even newlyweds who appeared in a sombrero. This event went down in history as the largest wedding ever in the National Football League.

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