The most unusual types of yoga

The most unusual types of yoga

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Yoga is a great way to relax and relieve stress. In fact, there are many types of yoga in the world, some of them are really unusual.

Naked yoga. This trend of yoga appeared in the West, in California in the 1960s, thanks to the hippie movement. They believed that a person is beautiful regardless of what he wears. Clothes only fetters us, preventing us from opening up. Perhaps in those years nylon sportswear really interfered with taking difficult poses? Today, nude yoga has become popular despite new clothing materials. The surge came in 2001, when yoga star Aaron Star's classes became very popular in New York. Soon imitators appeared all over the world. Admirers of this direction think that without panties and T-shirts they can better accept and feel their asanas. And the famous New York studio today offers courses with different combinations of nudity, with coeducation of men and women, or same-sex. In any case, students are asked to leave any sexual ideas outside the door. Those looking for an opportunity to have an orgasm are advised to stay away from this yoga course. The organizers assure that nude or nude yoga will get rid of shame or negativity associated with their own bodies and instill confidence in people. True, historically, nude exercises have become popular among gays, who in the early 1990s practiced their midnight yoga in the same New York.

Great Dane. The very name of this practice implies that it is for dogs. Doga fans believe that the trend originated in ancient India. Supposedly, the dogs observing the dervishes' meditations joined them in relaxing exercises. Today there are dozens of thematic sites in America, Europe and Russia. They clearly tell why the mastiff is needed at all for dogs. This technique provides for joint gymnastics of a person and his friend, stretching and massage. This makes the connection between us better. City dogs in general, due to a sedentary lifestyle, have many health problems. These are arthritis, diseases of the spine. Therefore, the mastiff is important for animals, allowing you to strengthen the muscles, tendons and ligaments. If active walks are not available, why not combine business with pleasure and do yoga together, performing asanas. For dogs - health, and the owners, at least, get rid of stress. True, there is an opinion that the ancient practice is deliberately simplified, becoming not a spiritual occupation, but a simple hobby. But another opinion - the mastiff teaches dogs to listen to commands and take certain positions. The instructors remind that the Great Dane is not just a dog's fitness. It would be nice for each of us to find a gullible and open puppy inside ourselves and establish contact with him.

Hip Hop Yoga. This direction was invented by Canadians Angie Lo and Sarah Schwartz. Unusual relaxing meetings take place once a month. On them the role of guru is played by DJ MC Yogi, who is famously controlled with vinyl. Instructors in bright costumes constantly sing along and dance. The DJ in the style of rap recites mantras, and the soundtrack is the mixes of the Black Eyed Peas. If you suddenly turn off the audio track, it turns out that people are doing regular hatha yoga or Iyengar yoga. It turns out that standing in the pose of a warrior works better with music than in complete silence. Hip-hop yoga fans admit that such rhythmic music does not spoil the mood in the least. And even more than that, these rhythms are much closer to the modern European than the monotonous howls in Sanskrit.

Rave yoga. It is known that alcohol, tobacco and drugs are popular in clubs. Yoga offers a more positive and sustainable alternative. In rave yoga classes, people start listening to slow music and meditating to it. The music gradually accelerates - a full-scale club dance party is formed. Only soft drinks and vegetarian products are accepted here.

Circus yoga. This direction has already acquired its own Facebook page, it already has more than a thousand fans. And this number is only growing. The headquarters of this movement is located in New York, and branches are located in several large cities in America and even in Australia. All family members are invited to participate in circus yoga: moms, dads and even grandmothers, and friends will come in handy. The more people - the better, because you will have to build living pyramids from their bodies, and acrobatic tricks will have to be put in pairs. The similarity with a classic yoga lesson is the shavasana exercise. It is done at the end of any yoga class. It means simply lying on your back with your eyes closed. And I think that doing circus exercises on your own is much more useful than watching them from the audience or on the TV screen.

Yahweh yoga. It turns out that the church can not only take care of the soul, but also conduct special trainings to relax the mind. This is exactly what the Society of Hope Evangelical Church conducts. Yahweh yoga classes are held in Palm Beach, California. First, the disciples read a prayer of thanks to God, and then they meditate to passages from the New Testament. And what's wrong with that? After all, this approach allowed us to bypass the conflict that prevents religious people from doing yoga. After all, not all are Buddhists, who are in the spirit of Sanskrit and mantras. So why not sing those prayers that you like and not think about the language chosen for this?

Ganja yoga. It's no secret that marijuana can help you relax. In America, cannabis is made legal in many states, allowing you to smoke "weed" for medical purposes, and just for the sake of recreation. As a result, ganja yoga appeared in Toronto. Its founder, Di Dussso, invites her students to smoke a good joint before class. Surprisingly, the idea works well. The body becomes unusually flexible and all muscles relax. At the same time, the guru of the new direction is not at all afraid of the police, believing that she has more important things to do than to understand the specifics of the new yoga. And classes are held only once a month. Di Dusseau herself claims that with the help of marijuana, you can stop internal dialogue and open your heart. There is a similar studio in New York. Only there students are not allowed to smoke in class. The class is intended for those who use marijuana for medical purposes and these people are encouraged to come to class already relaxed. Although this combination of practices seems unthinkable, it is believed that yoga and cannabis are excellent and natural partners that both can help calm a person.

Yoga Guru Ar Santema. Our compatriot Gennady Statsenko is hiding under such a complex name. He became a famous yogi even during the Soviet Union. One day he decided to bring a domestic flavor to Indian teaching. Now classes are held to the accompaniment of Russian folk songs. Listening to the motives familiar from childhood to change asanas is much easier. Twisting in different vinyasas is accompanied by the playing of the button accordion and the singing of the students themselves. The difficulty lies in the fact that you have to have time to listen to the commands of the guru Statsenko himself. Anyone who first saw such an unusual practice will most likely see in it not yoga, but some kind of pagan ritual, like the holiday of Ivan Kupala.

Yoga of laughter. The healing power of laughter is well known. In the West, as well as in India itself, they decided to combine this "weapon" together with ancient practice. Madan Kataria invented this kind of yoga. Today he promotes laughter-based exercises at the Special Laughter Institute in Bombay. And there are studios and schools of this direction in America, Japan and Germany. Dr.Kataria himself believes that yoga is needed for enlightenment. It will be much easier to achieve this state through laughter than through standard meditation.

Yoga for real guys. This direction was created by three-time world wrestling champion, Diamond Dallas Page. It is understood that such yoga is needed for those who would not turn to such training without special need for it. At 42, Page announced that it was time for him to end his wrestling career - his lower back did not allow him to bear the load. And at 48, a real man decided to return to active life. Only now sitting in asanas and chanting mantras is, in his opinion, an unworthy occupation for real boys. He offered his own version of yoga. It involves a warm-up that really lets you sweat. Paige says that when he sees classical yogis, he just wants to hit them with a chair. The former wrestler created his own technique. She was so successful that Paige became popular and teaches workshops and private lessons in Los Angeles. And his discs are selling well. And instead of the traditional gratitude to "namaste" in the lessons of such yoga one can hear "boobs" and "ass". What else to expect from real guys?

Aerial yoga. While meditating, you can feel how the soul is lifted off the ground. Why not do the same with the body? Aerial yoga combines Pilates, gymnastics, acrobatics, modern dance and traditional yoga. For this, special anti-gravity silk belts are used, which help a person to soar above the ground. It is believed that this practice allows you to relieve tension from the spine and sometimes stretch up to four centimeters.

Yoga horse breeding. Riding a horse means connecting with the rider and achieving mental and physical harmony. There was also yoga, which exploits the close relationship between man and the graceful beast. In the classroom, participants in asanas sit next to the horses, focusing on their breathing. Upon reaching unity with the beast, you can continue to take new poses while on horseback. Through movement, the horse can be helped to maintain focus and balance.

Hysterical yoga. This practice allows people to find their way to health through loud screams. The class looks like classical yoga, there are also stretching, breathing exercises. But the presence of dance and vocal techniques is unusual. Students are allowed to vent their emotions by screaming, screaming, stomping, and punching their chest. And as in the case of a child in hysterics, a period of relief soon follows. People find themselves relaxed and cheerful, they are ready to carefully accept life's difficulties.

Karaoke yoga. Karaoke is a good way to relax. And if you combine this activity with yoga, then you can purchase physical training. In the classroom, students not only sing, but also dance and stretch. Workouts here are much more free than in classical yoga. There are even televisions in the classrooms, where stars and DJs are lit on the screens. People repeat their favorite lyrics and even play imaginary musical instruments. There are also traditional yoga poses that allow you to focus. And the main part of the emotional experience is the songs by Elton John and the Beatles, which make the participants laugh and cry.

Maternal yoga. Such activities provide an opportunity for mothers to get closer to their child spiritually and physically during the postpartum period. Yoga classes can compensate for the sometimes artificial feeding and lack of adequate contact with the baby. At the initial stage of parenting, such yoga provides an excellent opportunity to communicate with other young mothers. It is believed that in infants, yoga will help develop motor skills, stimulate knowledge of the world around them. Thanks to this practice, the child will sleep longer, since the soothing movements in yoga can mimic those to which the baby is accustomed in the womb.

Boat yoga. There is an entire worldwide organization, Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP), which encourages water yoga. Instead of a regular mat, it is suggested to use a boat, for example, from windsurfing. As a result, it becomes possible to practice yoga on the water, both on a small pond and on the surface of the ocean. This is the main difference from practicing in halls on a hard surface. Fans of this kind of yoga need to be constantly monitored so that their boat does not capsize in response to changes in weight balance. After all, the surface will very sensitively react to all human movements, and striving to get out of balance. But like most yoga practices, this one increases stability, flexibility, and increases strength. The mind should be rejuvenated from such occupations, and the spirit should get stronger.

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