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Meaning of the name

The feminine form of the name Valery (Roman generic name), translated from Latin means "strong".


Little Valeria has an unpredictable character. Her behavior depends on which foot she stood with. For no apparent reason, he can be offended by something and be out of sorts for a long time. After a while, she will become cheerful and carefree, and it is difficult to understand why such a change occurred.

Growing up, Valeria remains as complex and unpredictable as ever. He constantly changes his plans, evaluates the same people and situations in different ways after a while. This character is difficult to adapt to.

Valeria's changeable behavior is based on slight vulnerability and increased sensitivity. Valeria's husband has enough to glance at a woman passing by, and Valeria's mood may already deteriorate, she will begin to perform obscure deeds.

With strangers, Valeria is wary and distrustful. But a person who will patiently win her favor or unexpectedly like her will become her most devoted friend, in whom Valeria will see only good, even if he does not deserve it.

Excitability makes Valeria a very sensitive and at the same time mysterious person. Indeed, sometimes it is surprising how, with the cheerfulness and mobility in her character, wit can coexist with sentimentality. For example, only yesterday she laughed at a movie, and today he is suddenly able to tear her to tears.

The same can happen in communicating with people - it is difficult to find any universal key to her, since Valeria herself does not know what she will laugh or cry for tomorrow.

Of course, such a character is also quite tiring for her, and therefore very often Valeria begins to reach out to the society of balanced, purely earthly men, from whom she usually chooses a husband for herself.

Most often, Valeria's romanticism does not dispose her to thrift, although it is not so rare for her to be active in household chores, however, like most impulsive people, such outbreaks pass rather quickly.

The same trends can be observed in careers. In a word, if Valeria wants to achieve success in the service, and at the same time avoid many misunderstandings in the family, it does not bother her to accustom herself to orderly work, leaving an outlet for her impulsiveness in any hobbies, hobbies or creativity.

As a rule, Valeria feels good in communicating with balanced people who willingly respond to the topics she proposed, but at the same time remain just listeners. When a person picks up the topic in a conversation too actively, then Valeria may simply lose interest in the conversation.


In her life, love suffering takes too much place. Valeria is always in love with her partners and is unable to separate sex from love. This close relationship creates constraints and barriers to her happiness.

At the same time, Valeria is sexy and sensitive, but very few men are suitable for her, and she is often not satisfied with her sexual relationships.

Valeria often jumps out in marriage in early youth, quickly and suddenly falling in love even before she can understand and know herself. At the same time, it seems to her that this is the only love in her life.

Valeria is often already burdened with family when her peers are just beginning to experiment in the field of intimate relationships.

Valeria was created for vivid passions and sex, her first sexual adventures are striking in their storminess and passion. She reaches the peak of pleasure in sex, known only to a select few. Valeria is jealous, she feels pretense in love subtly, becomes intolerant, even aggressive.

The most temperamental are those born in the summer, they are more interested in bed than work, but they are also less happy than others in their intimate life.

Born in winter, Valeria is calmer, not denying herself sexual pleasures, she still puts the first place in taking care of the family and children.

Valeria, born in spring, is feminine, charming, can easily lure a man if she wants, but she chooses a life partner very carefully.

All Valerias are proprietors in relation to their men, but themselves. strive to get out of their care, do not tolerate their jealousy.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Aries, Aquarius, Gemini.


The sound of Valery's name gives the impression of something good, light, majestic, strong, loud, brave, powerful, cheerful, active, bright, joyful.

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