Male Welsh names

Male Welsh names

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Aeron - Massacre Killing
Iolin is a handsome lord
Iolo is a handsome lord
Ayorvert - handsome lord
Aleed - offspring
Alun - generous
Andras - man, warrior
Aneirin is all gold, very precious
Aneurine - all gold, very precious
Arvel - weeping
Arvel - prominent
Aaron - unrestrained seething
Athos - river

Bedwyr - the one who knew King Arthur
Beli - shining
Berwin - with a fair head
Bran - raven
Brenin llwid - the gray king
Breein - hill
Bryn - hill
Brynmore Great Hill
Brynn Hill
Brichan - multicolored, specific, variegated
Brait - multicolored
Bel - beaming

Vine - happy, fair, white
Waughan - a little
Waughn - a little
Vin - happy, fair, white
Winn - happy, fair, white
Vinfort - very fair, holy
Vmffre - peaceful, giant

Galahad - mound
Gareth - old
Garrett - old
Gwallter - ruler of the army
Gvisir - to conquer, victory
Gwil - helmet
Gwilym - helmet
Gwilym - helmet
Gwillim - helmet
Gwynn - fair, holy, white
Guinfor - very fair, holy
Gvledig - ruler
Gwalkhgwyn - White Hawk
Geraint - old
Gesim - dark, swarthy
Clay - valley
Glyndr - Valley Water
Glynn Valley
Glow - rain
Gauannon - blacksmith
Goronvi - lover Blodeuwedd (woman made of flowers)
UAH - mountain range
Grzeirn - High Lord or Overlord
Gris - flower
Grigor - cautious, vigilant
Griffin - leader, lord
Gronv - uncertain origin
Gruffudd - Leader, Lord
Gruffidd - Leader, Lord
Gruffud - leader, lord
Guin - fair, holy, white
Gwynette - happiness
Guorthigirn - High Lord or Overlord
Guto - leader, lord

Deinayol - God is my judge

Delvin is pretty fair
Derog - arrogant, stubborn
Jenkin is a good god
Geralt - Lord of the Spear
Gethen - dark, swarthy
Deal - the big sea
Dylan - Big Sea
Dilvin - Really Blessed
Dillon - the big sea
Dristan - courage, recklessness and shamelessness
Dewey is the favorite
Dewidd is the beloved
Day is favorite
Daffydd is the favorite

Jago the destroyer
Idval - the main rampart
Idris is a hot owner
Illtid - many people
Illtud - many people
Iler - joyful, happy
Io - god
Ioreth the handsome lord
Islwyn - below the grove
Truth is the fair
Itel is a generous owner
Iwon - good god
Iuen is a good god
Ifen is a good god
Ifor - archer
Yifeng is a good god
Iento is a good god

Yale - arable, fertile highlands

Cadel - battle
Kulhvch - a pig ruled
Carvin - Fair Love
Kinddelve - tall image
Keenrig - high hill
Kistenien - steady
Cledwin - hard, rough
Cadwallader - Fight the Leader
Cadvalader - fight the leader
Kadwgon - Battle Glory
Kadok - battle
Cadomedd - Work Dodger
Cadfael - Fight the Prince
Kadfan - the peak of the battle
Kay - rejoice
Cradog - dearly beloved
Caradoc - dearly beloved

Leolin - oath to Belenus (pagan deity)
Lleelin - Oath to Belenus (pagan deity)
Lley - oath to Belenus (pagan deity), lion
Lleu - oath
Llywelyn - Oath to Belenus (pagan deity)
Llywellin - Oath to Belenus (pagan deity)
Llir - the sea
Lloyd - gray-haired
Llewelyn - Oath to Belenus (pagan deity)

Madok - a little lucky, good
Maxen are the biggest
Meerig - black, Moor
Meyerik - dark-skinned, Moor
Meikal - who is like god?
Meirion - like Marius
Meredidd - Sea Lord
Mercher - mercury, messenger of the gods
Merrion as Marius
Merrick - black, Moor
Murphin - Outstanding Essence
Mirddin - sea fort
Michangel - Who Is Like God? and the angel, the messenger
Moesen - saved (from the water)
Moldvin is a brave friend
Morgan - sea circle
Morgen - sea circle
Mort - sea
Mostin - moss colony
Mabon - son
Madog - small, lucky, good
Maxsen is the biggest
Meredadd - Sea Lord

Nadd - fog
Neirin is all gold, very precious
Neiphaion - Latin Neptune
They are all gold, very precious

Aries - well born
Oswallt - the power of god
Austin - venerable
Owen - well born
Owin - well born
Owinn - Well Born
Owen - Well Born
Owain - Well Born
Ophidd - Sheep

Parry is Harry's son
Pwill - meaning
Pedre - rock, stone
Penllin - Cape Lake
Price is Reese's son
Come on - care, worry
Pris is Reese's son
Padero - beads, rosary
Padrig - nobleman

Renfrew - lives near the river
Rice - passion, heat of passion
Rolent - the famous land
Rheinallt - a wise ruler
Rhidderch - reddish brown
Rhiziart - strong and brave
Rhees - passion, passion heat
Rhobert - famous
Rhodri - king of the wheel

Sayor - peasant
Sayoris - peasant
Sayors - peasant
Sayorus the peasant
Seissilt - sixth
Selif is a supporter of peace
Ciarl - Human
Siliddon - Wooden Dweller
Silin - poddubok
Sinkin is a good god
Zion is a good god
Sirvin is a fair love
Siri - to love
Sifin - small, pretty, beloved
Siffre - God's World
Soil - God listened
Steffen - crown
Sedrn - sow

Taffy is the favorite
Tvedr - a gift from God
Tvm - twin
Teirtu - triple
Tomos - twin
Trev is a large settlement
Trevor is a large settlement
Trefor is a large settlement
Trahaern - Like Iron
Tuder - king of the tribe
Tudir - king of the tribe
Telisin - bright eyebrow
Telfrin - High Hill
Tudor - king of the tribe

Urien - privileged birth

Folant - healthy, strong

Harry is the steward
Howl is the sun
Heddwin is the world
Heilin - currants, gooseberries
Henbeddestir - an old pedestrian
Henwas - an old servant
Henweneb - Old Face
Heulog - sunny
Hefin - summer
Hivel - outstanding, notable
Hopkin - son of Khob
Huv - heart, mind, or spirit
Hedin - fire

Eerig - golden
Eilien - secondly, on time
Einion - anvil
Elidir - Leadership, Bronze
Elizud is kind
Alice is god is my god
Elian - second, on time
Emir is king
Emlyn - work
Emrys the immortal
Enfys - rainbow
Erkvlff - Hera's glory

Yueying - well-born

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