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Blog (English blog, from "web log", "network log or event diary") - a website, the main content of which is regularly added entries containing text, images or multimedia. Blogs are characterized by short entries of temporal significance, sorted in reverse chronological order (last entry from the top).

The difference between a blog and a traditional diary is determined by the environment: blogs are usually public and involve outside readers who can enter into public polemics with the author (in the comments on the blog post or their blogs). People who blog are called bloggers. The collection of all blogs on the Web is called the blogosphere.

Some time will pass and the bloggers who have created an amazing world and populated it will be legendary. However, in the circle of bloggers themselves, there are a number of stereotypes that turn into myths outside this circle.

Myths about bloggers

Bloggers can only speak and nothing else. Commoners often imagine bloggers as people who don't know how to do anything. However, this is not the case - most bloggers are versatile and ambitious individuals with a variety of interests, reaching results outside the Internet.

Bloggers have no privacy. It would be a mistake to present the average blogger as an unkempt person without a life partner. Not all of them live on the web. Many have other jobs, study, go out with friends and loved ones, meet, and attend public events. Although it is not uncommon to meet a couple of people who love each other, each of whom maintain their own blog.

It's unrealistic to make money on a blog. This myth is born of those who are not familiar with the blogosphere. If more people knew about the opportunity to make money from this occupation, the number of blogs would grow significantly. Today there are even websites that allow you to calculate the cost of your personal blog. There are blog auctions and the possibility of selling them on ebay. First of all, thematic resources are popular, and their cost can reach tens of thousands of dollars. And promotion can cost a lot - hundreds and thousands of dollars, it is reasonable to expect that the owner wants to get a return. Many companies use blogs to promote their products, and nobody canceled the placement of third-party advertising. As you can see, there are many ways, you just need to make some efforts to make money in this area.

It is almost impossible to become a successful blogger. It is a mistake to think that a lack of experience in building a popular blog can be an insurmountable obstacle to success in this area. The main thing is the desire to learn and constantly work on yourself and your resource. It is worth adding enthusiasm and full of ideas to this. Famous bloggers are not born, but become, those who wanted to do this and showed themselves to the maximum. Ask yourself, what is unique you can offer and tell?

Nothing new is born in blogs, everyone writes about the same thing. The rise in the number of blogs has led to a number of convergence of ideas and information. Unsurprisingly, the number of twin posts has increased. But there is nothing wrong with that, since people do not read the same blogs, so the information reaches precisely those who are interested in it. Don't forget that the blogosphere is constantly evolving, being an extremely dynamic environment. Something constantly happens in it, new people and projects appear, unexpected and bold ideas are introduced. Thus, the blogosphere is developing, so you should not evaluate the blogosphere with monotonous content. You can often find the author's post on an already "hackneyed" topic, but more often than not this is not a reason for unsubscribing from the blog.

There are no free niches left in the blogosphere. There are always free niches, so it is possible to establish yourself as a pro in a found place. New professions appear every day, new discoveries and projects are published, a similar situation occurs in the blogosphere. There are many specific topics, separate niches that are not sufficiently covered. Often you should turn on your brains, make a breakthrough by opening new niches.

Among bloggers, it is customary to have a T-shirt with the address of your blog. Not at all. Of course, many have such a manifestation, but it is absolutely unnatural for the majority. Such T-shirts are an additional advertisement for your blog, but such a tool usually works among the same bloggers. Also, wearing such a shirt is a reminder to yourself not to forget to write a new post in the evening.

Every blogger started with free resources. Many people really prefer to start with free sites that give the opportunity to blog for free, but there are also many who are confident in their abilities and immediately start with a standalone blog.

A blog is a place for young people to communicate about their problems. Of course, blogs were originally diaries, they are relevant in this quality today. However, over time, this area has acquired new features - these are effective systems for organizing information. There are many professional blogs that successfully compete with print publications, and more and more corporations are using blogs as a channel of communication with customers and a marketing medium.

Blogs are completely marginal, nobody reads them. Numerous market studies have shown that blogging has carved out a niche by becoming mainstream. In the US alone, blogs are read by over 30 million people. Other countries are not far behind America in terms of blogging prevalence.

There is no need to create your own blog at all, it is better to replace it with a quality website. In fact, blogs have several advantages over regular websites. Firstly, it is in blogs that it is easier to contain constantly updated content. For example, information in chronological order. Such structures are very search engine friendly. And in blogs, initially more comfortable means of interacting with the user are laid, thus a convenient platform for creating entire communities is born.

Blogs will die soon, this phenomenon is just another fashion. Today, 120,000 new blogs are born every day, although the growth rate has slowed slightly. In 2007, out of 100 most popular sites, 22 were blogs, although in 2006 there were only 12. Today, the most popular people on the planet are becoming bloggers!

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