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Television and the Internet are overflowing with sources that provide irreplaceable tips and tricks for caring for your appearance.

Such a huge amount of information gives rise to a certain number of myths. We present the most common myths and misconceptions about the means used to maintain beauty and health.

Beauty myths

Cellulite needs to be treated. And yet this "disease" is not a disease at all, but on the contrary - a secondary sex characteristic. He (sign) signals that the lady is all right with female sex hormones and she is ready to conceive. This is the biological truth of life. By the way, the authors of the diagnosis "cellulite" are not doctors at all, but journalists of the glamorous women's magazine "Vogue". It was they who in 1973 "hyped" this pseudo-disease. Until that time, the ladies of the whole world had no idea that they were seriously ill ... And more. It must be remembered that cellulite and obesity (or old age) are not the same thing. Cellulite is often found in thin 15-year-olds. By the way, only black and Asiatic women are insured against the "orange peel" at the genetic level.

The accumulation of a large amount of fluid in the body is one of the causes of cellulite, so you need to drink as little as possible. In fact, the main cause of cellulite is toxins that accumulate in the body when there is not enough fluid. So it turns out that to combat this common disease among women, you need to drink as much water as possible. Some women drink coffee in the hope that it will help them, but they are wrong. The misconception is based on the fact that many drugs that are designed to treat cellulite contain caffeine. But, unfortunately, it activates blood circulation only in the composition of creams, but the use of these drinks inside can only contribute to the development of cellulite. When taking coffee inside, it increases blood circulation only in large vessels, and this negatively affects metabolism and entails the accumulation of fat.

You can't steam your face yourself and squeeze out black dots. Steaming can cause burns, and vessels may break and break. Instead, it is good to use a mixture of oatmeal and almond oil as an exfoliating and pore-expanding natural remedy. Can black dots be extruded? Not. This often leaves scars. It is better to grease the points with honey and salt. Salt is an excellent antiseptic, expands pores and honey heals.

You can get rid of acne with clay masks. Today we can see a huge selection of different clay face masks. Manufacturers assure of the wonderful properties of clay, which can moisturize and rejuvenate the skin. But in reality, this is not the case, clay causes new wrinkles and dries out the skin. And, unfortunately, it has no effect on acne. And if used regularly, it can lead to the opposite results.

The fastest way to get rid of pimples, blackheads and acne is through regular use of scrubs and exfoliators. It makes no sense to get rid of acne or acne with the help of deep skin cleansing. After all, they arose for a reason, these are diseases, the causes of which may be different. It is advisable to treat them with a dermatologist or independently choose a complex of cosmetics, as a result of which you are sure.

You can get rid of acne with toothpaste. You can also try iodine, alcohol, tetracycline ointment. Alas, these funds are not a panacea, although they can have a beneficial effect on the affected skin. Alcohol fights harmful microbes, perfectly disinfecting the skin, and tetracycline ointment, being a powerful antibiotic, prevents the appearance and development of acne by fighting bacteria. But this is only in theory, but in practice their impact is small, while the resulting consequences are tangible and unpleasant. So, toothpaste can irritate the skin, and alcohol is more likely to dry out the skin, lead to flaking, than remove acne. Therefore, to solve this problem, it is better to trust doctors or special cosmetics developed by people who are clearly better than ours who are versed in treatment methods.

Regular sexual intercourse can stop the appearance of acne and blackheads. This is a lie, since until now no one has found a link between the number of acne and the number of sexual contacts.

Skin contaminated by external influences is the cause of acne. This was believed by many, but the real cause of acne or acne is the increased secretion of sebum. As a result, the skin becomes less strong in fighting germs and bacteria. Therefore, it is recommended to choose cosmetics that are suitable for your skin type and structure.

Oily skin contributes to the appearance of acne. Sometimes this statement is true, but usually not at all oily skin is the cause of acne, so you should not justify your problems with this. The reasons are completely different - for example, overly sensitive skin.

Cosmetic toners clog pores. Toners were created to remove the marks that remain on the skin after using cleansers such as lotions or milk. But this problem will be successfully solved by ordinary running warm water. Hydroxy acid toners work well with blackheads without clogging pores. The component that helps to narrow the pores is synthetic vitamin A. The cream with its content has a lifting effect.

It is possible to narrow the enlarged pores. The pore size of the skin depends on heredity. Cosmetic companies make money on this myth, claiming that they are able to narrow pores. From a theoretical point of view, this is possible, but the problem is that they can appear enlarged if they are clogged with keratin.

The foundation must be expensive. Completely optional. Well-chosen foundations from inexpensive brands are just as good as expensive luxury creams. They can also be mixed, for example a regular foundation with reflective. But on lip gloss it is quite possible to save money. The main thing is to match the color.

Petroleum jelly works well for dry skin. Vaseline is ideal for sensitive skin. It is hypoallergenic as it does not contain fragrances or preservatives. Petroleum jelly forms a film that retains moisture inside the skin, but does not moisturize itself. If your skin is very dry and irritated, apply a moisturizer in the evening followed by petroleum jelly and leave it on overnight.

Sleeping on a silk pillow prevents wrinkles. The older you get, the more slowly sleepy lines on your face are smoothed out in the morning. The fact is that collagen and elastin, which are responsible for skin elasticity, become less. But the material your pillow is made of doesn't affect this in any way. To avoid wrinkles, sleep on your back. It is not easy, but possible. An orthopedic pillow will help you.

The water you drink moisturizes your skin. Quite right. Full saturation of cells with moisture is carried out with water that we drink, and not at all from moisturizers. If your body is dehydrated, you look older than you really are. For the normal supply of moisture to the body, you need to drink at least two liters of water per day.

Oily skin cannot be dehydrated. There is a difference between naturally dry skin and dehydrated skin. In the case of dryness, we can talk about the peculiarities of the epidermis, and dehydration can be considered a cosmetic disease, some kind of malfunction in the body. This deviation can be observed for all skin types and is accompanied by flaking, dull appearance and a feeling of tightness. In this case, only an experienced cosmetologist will be able to assess the direction of treatment, choose the necessary restorative agents.

Consuming organic foods is harmful to the skin. There is a myth that the consumption of organic products causes the skin to "blur". In fact, for the skin there is almost no difference whether such food is taken or not, on the contrary, the skin needs a number of vitamins, including natural ones, which give youth and elasticity. Therefore, organic products even help to strengthen the skin.

By doing facial exercises, you block the appearance of wrinkles. Wrinkles appear with age, as the body begins to lack collagen. But, unfortunately, gymnastics cannot stop this process. Still, there is little benefit from it, you can strengthen the muscles of the face and correct small wrinkles.

To prolong the youthfulness of the skin, you should drink at least a liter of water per day. A very common myth supported by most of the famous fashion models. But if you think that it will really improve the complexion, then you are wrong. Water helps unclog the kidneys and acts as an appetite suppressant. If you drink a lot of water at night, the face will be slightly swollen in the morning, and fine wrinkles will be smoothed out accordingly. Perhaps this rejuvenating effect is implied by podium professionals?

Dry skin is prone to early wrinkles. The sun is to blame for the appearance of 80% of the wrinkles that you once see in the mirror. And only 20% are so-called mimic wrinkles. In smokers, the process of wrinkling is accelerated by five to six years. However, dehydrated skin can appear flabby and wrinkled, and a moisturizer will help to combat this.

Drink a minimum amount of water at night and you will look great in the morning. Unfortunately, if you have kidney problems, then this myth is true. But this does not apply to everyone else, since there is no connection between drinking a glass of water at night and morning "bags" and swelling under the eyes. If you have these symptoms, it is better to see a doctor than to deny yourself the use of fluids. But if you drink coffee all the time, you should not be surprised by the image of your face in the mirror.

Head massage can prevent baldness. From a scientific point of view, this statement has not yet been proven by anyone. Massage proponents assure that in this way more nutrients are supplied to the hair follicles. Experts believe that head massage has more anti-stress and placebo effects, which leads to positive results for some (but not all) of its fans.

Bleach gives the hair a green color. It would seem strange, but such a myth has firmly settled in women's heads. Meanwhile, copper, not chlorine, makes hair green. Hair can build up copper, becoming greenish, especially on blond hair. If you want to eliminate the effects of copper, then start using a low PH shampoo.

Shaving your legs makes your hair harder. You have as much hair as is in your DNA, and shaving has almost no effect. There is no evidence that shaving hair grows thicker and harder. The hairs that just break through are like stubble. Exfoliating and moisturizing products can help keep your skin smooth for longer.

Salt whitens teeth. The same properties are attributed to soda. Dentists say that brushing your teeth with salt or baking soda won't whiten or remove stains. In addition, these substances are very abrasive and can damage tooth enamel. It's like scrubbing an enamelled bathtub with a steel wool. To avoid stains on the teeth and they do not turn yellow, you need to consume less red wine, coffee, tea. And of course, quit smoking.

Teeth can be whitened with lemon. Many people think lemon is an excellent remedy for whitening teeth. Of course, it is good for them to whiten, for example, age spots, but a new problem appears for the teeth - lemon destroys tooth enamel with its acid. Therefore, having decided to improve your smile, it is still better to consult a dentist.

The most effective whitening agent is lemon juice. Lemon juice contains vitamin C, which has the ability to whiten the skin. At that time, our mothers and grandmothers did not have cosmetics that could whiten their skin, so they used lemon juice to remove freckles and get rid of age spots. But it was not one hundred percent remedy, since lemon juice only exfoliates dead cells and slightly whitens the skin, freckles could not disappear completely. While working diligently to fight freckles, some women regularly use lemon juice, but they do not know that frequent use of it can lead to bad consequences, namely, an allergic reaction.

Jelly strengthens the nails. Gelatin is an excellent source of protein, which forms the basis of nails. But there is no reason to believe that if there is a lot of jelly, then it will directly affect the nails. The amino acids found in gelatin (often referred to as "cell building material") are used by the entire body, not just nails. It is best to act on the nails locally. Special products help strengthen nails well - varnishes and oils containing soy protein, vitamin supplements and oil, such as rose or rosemary.

Artificial nails are harmful. Many people think that nail extensions spoil them by making it difficult for them to breathe. However, there is no truth in this statement, and improper correction or removal of artificial parts can cause harm to the nails.

It is impossible to remove pigmented spots on the face. This statement has long been a myth. Existing techniques allow you to effectively and completely remove age spots, for example, using a laser. Its beam kills cells containing excess melatonin without affecting healthy cells. At the same time, the complexion is evened out, and you quickly get rid of this problem. At the same time, you should not be afraid of the laser and its impact, its fear is another myth. Today it is believed that this type of exposure is almost the only one that can remove mimic wrinkles, rejuvenating the face. In this case, the impact occurs contactlessly, which reduces the risk of infection to zero. In addition, during the procedure, a thermal effect occurs, which also has a beneficial effect on the skin.

Modern technologies make it possible to remove a tattoo one hundred percent. This is not the case, modern technology can only lighten the tattoo. In order to finally get rid of the tattoo, you need to go through several stages, and it will not be cheap. The result of the removal will depend on what kind of tattoo you have and on its size, but, most likely, its scars will remain. Much depends on the ink color, some colors are more difficult to render.

A fair-haired person cannot use laser hair removal. If you remove hair with a laser, for example, in the bikini area, then hair color does not play any role. Laser hair removal is not applicable to gray hair, as it does not contain any pigment, but this has nothing to do with people with blond hair.

Summer is not the best time for laser and photo epilation. Perhaps this statement came from the prohibition to sunbathe for some time before and after hair removal. The season itself does not pose any danger.

Crossing your legs damages the veins. This belief is very old, and is passed down literally from generation and generation, you probably heard it from your mother or even from your grandmother.To some extent, they are right, since with this type of planting, blood circulation is really disturbed, and it begins to stagnate. However, a simple change of legs will solve this problem. For the occurrence of varicose veins, heredity is much more significant. When you see a mesh of veins on the legs of your relatives on the female side, take note that you may develop this disease over time.

Women and men should wear different cosmetics. Of course, most manufacturers have different lines for men and women. Means intended for men take into account the specific needs of the skin - softening the skin that has hardened from shaving, disinfecting it, while women's cosmetics emphasizes other characteristics. Therefore, although the mustache will not grow from the use of men's cosmetics and the voice will not coarsen, it is recommended to distinguish between funds based on gender.

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