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Pork lard has been an integral nutritional element for many centuries for Russians, Poles, and Anglo-Saxons. The inhabitants of Ukraine are generally strongly associated with this animal product, which is reflected in many stories and anecdotes.

You can fry in lard, you can stew, ate lard with bread, they ate alcohol with it. And to see this product in a dream was unambiguously interpreted as a good omen, promising health and wealth.

Lard did not take root only in the East, and even then, because it quickly deteriorated in the heat. Today's fashion has introduced the standard of thinness, so low-calorie diets have become popular, but fats, especially animals, were instantly blacklisted.

This led to the fact that lard lost its former popularity, and myths quickly spread about the product itself. Let's consider in this article their veracity.

You can quickly recover from fat. In fact, you can get fat not from lard, but from its abundant consumption, but in the same way you can gain kilograms if there is such a healthy oatmeal without measure! Much depends on your lifestyle - if you sit a lot and move a little, then you should consume no more than 30 grams of fat per day, if you are obese and follow a low-calorie diet, then you should not completely abandon healthy foods, but you should take it limit to 10 grams per day. It should be noted that fat can be different. The real one is subcutaneous fat, with skin. But the neck or bacon, this is the fat that accumulates inside the muscles. Consuming such meat, adjacent protein and fat, can be harmful to health, since this is a rather serious burden for digestion. To prepare lard, it is usually enough to simply salt it, season with pepper and garlic. Very tasty smoked bacon, home-style, with a smoke. But at meat processing plants, pork products are smoked in liquid, which changes the properties of the products for the worse.

Lard is very hard on the stomach. If a person is healthy, then his stomach absorbs real fat very well, without loading the liver. For the body, the most valuable fats are those that melt at the temperature of the human body, and this list is headed by fat. Such fats are digested and absorbed most quickly. But it should be remembered that any fat for its processing requires bile and the enzyme lipase, so if the functions of the production of these substances in the body are impaired, then you should refrain from taking fat.

Lard is one solid fat. And what's wrong with that? Lard has an excellent structure - cells and biologically active substances are stored in the subcutaneous fat. For example, lard contains polyunsaturated arachidonic acid, which, by the way, is the most valuable of the fatty acids, since it is rare and only found in animal fats. For the full functioning of the body, this acid is vital, it is part of the cell membranes, it is used by the heart muscle. With the help of this acid, hormones function, immune reactions occur, and cholesterol is exchanged. Lard also contains other important fatty acids, which are called vitamin F - these are oleic, linolenic, linoleic, palmitic acids. It is curious that in terms of their content, lard is comparable to vegetable oils. This product contains vitamins A, D, E, carotene is present. As a result, it is not surprising that the biological activity of lard is 5 times higher than that of oil. So the consumption of fat in winter will give the body the vitamins and substances necessary to maintain tone, strength and immunity.

Lard contains a lethal dose of cholesterol. Society has become infected with a fear of cholesterol, looking for it even in vegetable oil, which by definition cannot contain it. Naturally, it is contained in lard, but there is little cholesterol, and even more in cow oil. And in fact there is nothing wrong with cholesterol getting into the body. It would be a mistake to think that it will immediately begin to be deposited on the walls of blood vessels, leading to atherosclerosis. It is not true! Doctors have long proved that the point is not how much cholesterol has entered the body, but how it is exchanged inside a person. Cholesterol itself can be perfectly synthesized in the body, even if there is nothing at all. By the way, acids of the vitamin F group are just very good at freeing vessels from deposits. So a small piece of lard will not only not upset the balance of cholesterol, but will help fight its negative effects. And who said that cholesterol is not needed at all? It is useful in the creation of lymphocytes and macrophages, which provide immunity, and will also help the brain, in which the proportion of cholesterol reaches 2%.

Only vegetable fat is good for your health. This is not true, and the evidence is the research that was conducted in Massachusetts throughout the 20th century. It turned out that the healthiest and most athletic people are those who consume both vegetable and animal fats. Fat should account for about 30% of all calories daily, and it is important that this is not the percentage of food eaten, but the share of energy received. As a result, 60-80 grams of fat per day will be enough, and only one third of them is vegetable. For a person, you need to get 60% monounsaturated acids, 30% saturated and 10% polyunsaturated. Just such a combination is observed in olive, peanut oils, and lard. So do not be afraid to fry potatoes in lard, it is even healthier than using many vegetable oils.

It is better not to fry lard, as it loses its qualities and becomes harmful. Indeed, when frying, lard loses some of its properties, acquiring carcinogens and toxins in return. But this applies equally to vegetable oils, even with a slight heating, they lose their digestibility. But simply heated bacon is absorbed much better than cold or fried. So if you want to warm up the bacon, then you should not fry it - you just need to heat it over low heat.

Lard is undesirable to use with bread. Quite the opposite - it is in this combination that both products are well absorbed! Of course, this does not apply to lush baking, but cereal bread made from coarse flour or with the addition of bran. This recipe is applicable for healthy people who do not suffer from problems associated with obesity or digestion in general.

Fat should not be eaten when losing weight. Lard is an excellent source of energy. It is quite acceptable a diet option in which lard is consumed along with cabbage or vegetables. In this case, various options are possible. You can make a hodgepodge with lard, or you can eat it with a bite. But the use of bacon with bread is not encouraged, since with a diet it is enough to consume only 5 grams per day. This is quite enough to give a new taste to the same boring stewed cabbage or beets, carrots.

Lard is best eaten with vodka. Without agitating to consume alcohol, let us confirm, in general, this myth. Lard perfectly accompanies alcoholic beverages, the fact is that it prevents rapid intoxication. In the stomach, fatty sebum envelops the surface, noticeably slowing down the process of absorption and penetration into the blood. Of course, alcohol will take its toll, already absorbed in the intestines, but this will be later and not so quickly. For its part, alcohol helps lard to digest faster and decompose into its constituent components. And who said that vodka or vodka is needed? A combination of lard and dry red wine will give a great taste.

Salo was the secret weapon of the party leadership. It is hardly possible to call it a weapon, but the fact that the doctors of the Kremlin elite knew about the unique properties of fat is a fact. It is no coincidence that 50 grams of this useful product was included in the diet of each member of the Central Committee every day.

Lard is used exclusively as food. In fact, there are many recipes in traditional medicine that use lard as a medicine. For colds, it is recommended to rub the chest and neck not only with lard, but also with lard. For hematomas, a compress of lard is used, and in case of toothache, a piece of this product, applied to the gum, reduces suffering. Another interesting way of using bacon is in lamps! It turns out that such a lamp was the forefather of the kerosene lamp, the fat was stoked in a cup, and then the wick was set on fire. I must say that there was a lot of soot from such a device, but in critical cases this option was fully applied much later.

Salo saved the people from the Mongol-Tatars. And this is not a myth at all, but the truth. The fact is that the soldiers of the Golden Horde who conquered the Slavic lands did not eat pork for religious reasons. And it is very difficult to drive herds of pigs over long distances, since these animals are not as adapted for long journeys as horses or sheep. So it turned out that in times of famine, fat was always at hand, thereby ensuring the survival of an entire people.

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