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Recently, people have again begun to turn to such a proven remedy as garlic. Such attention to the folk remedy is easy to explain - medicines are constantly becoming more expensive, and health itself is in no hurry to improve.

What is garlic? They say that it helps not only with colds, but also with diseases of the heart, blood vessels, and oncology. Let's try to separate the truth from the lie.

Garlic does not give a person energy. Scientific studies have proven that there are 138 calories in 100 grams of garlic. In addition, there are many different vitamins in the product: ascorbic acid, riboflavin, vitamin E, pantothenic acid and thiamine.

Although garlic kills germs, this remedy is not suitable for modern humans. Modern medicine knows for sure that garlic is an excellent natural antibiotic. This medicine can infect up to hundreds of different types of harmful microorganisms. Studies have confirmed that in an hour, garlic extract kills 93% of staphylococci and the same percentage of salmonella in three hours. And the prevention of influenza with the help of garlic is known to everyone and everyone, doctors in different countries advise to use this product. It turns out that even the very presence of garlic in a room reduces the concentration of viruses. Naturally, we are talking about fresh garlic; over time, its beneficial properties decrease.

Garlic is not recommended for certain kidney and liver diseases. I must say that all the rumors about the dangers of garlic are exaggerated. Many vegetable growers remain vigorous and healthy until a ripe old age. It's just that in the presence of serious chronic diseases, it is better to limit the use of raw garlic - not to eat a slice, but simply to rub a crust of fresh bread with it. Such food will be both tasty and healthy.

Garlic does not know how to fight age-related diseases and prolong life. It seems that this myth was invented by older people looking for a miraculous panacea, and by preachers of a healthy lifestyle. In fact, fresh garlic actually lowers blood cholesterol levels and prevents the formation of blood clots and plaque in blood vessels. This indicates the anti-sclerotic effect of garlic. But its heat treatment completely destroys such components in it. Scientists are looking at the potential of garlic as a means against lipid accumulation, that is, a fighter against obesity. It is known that the main organosulfur compound of garlic, cysteine, is able to lower blood sugar levels.

Garlic does not know how to fight cancer. Recently, scientists have begun to consider vegetable diets as a serious preventive measure against cancer. The composition of such a diet must necessarily include onions and garlic. After all, these products have a high content of organic selenium. This trace mineral is very helpful in preventing cancer cells. Not only is there a lot of selenium in garlic from nature, but this content can also be increased with the help of special fertilizers. In France, a study was conducted, 350 patients with early breast cancer regularly consumed onions, garlic and other fiber-rich foods. The disease stopped progressing.

Garlic is a Russian national dish. It turns out that the medicinal properties of garlic were described by Hippocrates. He recommended the use of this plant food for a wide variety of diseases, including heart disease and uterine cancer. And participants in the first Olympic Games generally ate garlic to improve their endurance.

It makes no difference whether there is fresh garlic or food additives based on it. Experts still recommend opting for fresh garlic. Indeed, it is in its natural form that the most complete composition of biologically active substances is contained. It is best to eat at least six cloves per week. Each can be divided in half and eaten in slices in the morning and evening. If a person has a high sensitivity to this product, then such unpleasant effects as an unpleasant taste in the mouth, bitterness, heartburn, and intestinal gas formation may appear. Then it is better to refuse a natural product in favor of food supplements based on it. These are usually coated tablets or capsules that are made from dried garlic powder. Not only will the shell relieve many of the unpleasant odor, but it also protects the gastric mucosa from irritation. This method is suitable for those who have gastritis or ulcers.

However, there is no general standard for garlic tablets, and besides, they are made from different batches of garlic. Therefore, it is difficult to assess the effectiveness of a particular batch. It is best to assess the dosage of those drugs in which the content of biologically active substances is indicated. If the volume of allicin in the tablet is indicated, but you need to calculate the daily dose based on 5 mg of this element. Even the aged extract is highly valued by oncologists. Moreover, this technology increases the antioxidant effect, which leads to anticancer activity.

Garlic is a strong allergen. Not so long ago, a real gastronomic war broke out in Italy. Some restaurants have even completely abandoned garlic, which is what they informed their visitors with the help of signs. But garlic is traditionally popular in this country! Such a ban appeared thanks to just this myth - the rejection of garlic was explained by concern for allergy sufferers. But most Italians believe that garlic will not disappear anywhere from the traditional Apennine cuisine. In addition, there are much stronger allergens from familiar foods, such as coffee or chocolate. With regard to the same garlic, we can talk about individual intolerance, and not about a general allergic reaction.

Garlic is the enemy of romance. Europeans believe that eating garlic before a date is strictly prohibited. However, in Arabic medicine, garlic is believed to be more than just an extremely important food. It is recommended to use it fresh and in love. After all, this will not only strengthen the general immunity, but also can increase sexual activity. So garlic is recommended for married couples at any age. The explanation is simple - garlic increases blood circulation and thus increases potency. It is also believed that garlic contains substances that stimulate the production of female and male hormones.

Garlic in cooking can only be a seasoning. Indeed, garlic is a well-known seasoning for meat dishes, seafood, and an integral part of sauces. But there is the city of Gilroy, which is considered the American capital of garlic. There, a wide variety of dishes are prepared from a spicy plant product - even candy and ice cream with garlic. And every year in the summer there is also a Garlic Festival.

A nursing mother should not eat garlic, because the baby will refuse to breastfeed. Scientists have verified this claim. It turned out that no strong-smelling condiments and foods can discourage a baby's appetite. Moreover, after the mother has eaten garlic, the child sucks with great desire and is applied to the breast even more often.

Garlic is an excellent weapon against worms. This popular belief is based on the fact that garlic fights well against intestinal bacteria. Here are just worms that can start in the intestines, garlic is not able to destroy. As a result, this product is not only not a weapon against worms, but it cannot even be classified as a prophylactic agent. Some, trying to get rid of worms, eat garlic almost in kilograms. But this as a result gives only gastritis. Some even use garlic as an anal itch remedy by simply inserting the cloves into the anus. But this is not a solution either. After all, then, together with helminthiasis, inflammation of the rectum will also have to be treated.

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