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Latvia (Latvija), the Republic of Latvia (Latvijas Republika) is a state in Eastern Europe, located on the shores of the Baltic Sea. It has land borders with Lithuania - in the south, Estonia - in the north, Russia - in the east, Belarus - in the southeast. The area of ​​Latvia is about 64.6 thousand square kilometers, the population is 2.3 million people. The capital is Riga, the currency is lat, the state language is Latvian.

The climate of Latvia is capricious and changeable. In the last century, perhaps, it was so: the sunny calm was abruptly replaced by gusty rain and just as quickly returned back. Now the weather has become more stable and predictable. At the same time, both cold summers began to disappear from Latvia (the temperature is over forty, champignons in the center of Riga and snails the size of a palm no longer surprise anyone), and cold snowy winters, and they were replaced by the echoes of the famous European hurricanes.

Latvians don't like Russians. This statement is only partially true. Ordinary people, not preoccupied with the nationalist sentiments that are sown in the country by a number of politicians, treat Russians not only loyally, but also favorably.

In Latvia, only Latvian is spoken. Not true. In Latvia they speak and understand Russian very well. Suffice it to say that one of the conditions for hiring is knowledge of not only the state (Latvian) language, but also the Russian language. The only exception can be called the few representatives of the generation that was educated in the 90s of the last century, when the country was at the peak of the revival of its independence and linguistic culture.

Latvians are cultured, orderly and calm people. This is partly true. The indigenous population is distinguished by a certain Baltic calmness and external culture of behavior. As for the internal culture, then, like the notorious British tourists who use the center of Riga as a public toilet, everything is exactly the same as with ordinary Russian people - when you hit the finger with a hammer, no one will politely say "ay-ay- yay. " Neatness can also be debated: for example, dirt and debris are common after holidays and weekends. The latter, by the way, is not always taken out on time, as a result of which the immediate surroundings are saturated with a rather specific aroma.

Most Latvian citizens work in Ireland. They work, as in England, but by no means the majority. According to official data - 20 thousand, according to unofficial - a little more. It is customary to judge the real number of Latvian representatives in the above European country by the highest score given by Ireland to Latvia in the popular Eurovision Song Contest.

The widest waterfall in Europe is located in Latvia. It is also the highest waterfall in Latvia itself - the water falls down from more than four meters. Located in a small town in Kurzeme - Kuldiga.

Grapes do not grow in Latvia. Oddly enough, it grows and is even listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the northernmost grape in the world.

Jurmala is a resort of the former all-Union, now European scale. More like a memory resort. An ordinary sandy beach, poorly developed tourist infrastructure, a banal lack of toilets. The sea, of course, is pleasant - you catch small fish near the shore with your hands, the air - intoxicates with freshness and cleanliness, in the "new wave" period you can visit various concerts, but all this is very far from the true Resort. Even the local "Arbat" - the famous Dzintari street, although it is replete with numerous cafes and shops, does not correct the overall impression.

Amber can be found in Latvia. Only not in the Gulf of Riga (the area of ​​Jurmala beaches). To search for amber, it is best to go beyond its borders, to the shore of the true Baltic Sea. The search should be scheduled for the post-storm time and not be very upset if amber is still not found - too little of it remains.

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