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Motorcycles are a fairly young form of transport. Its very name literally translates as "driving the wheel." Motorcycles are usually equipped with two (less often three) wheels driven by a mechanical engine. The driver sits upright with their feet on the side rails and steering the front swivel wheel.

Motorcycles stand out for their agility and sense of freedom. Few people remain indifferent, feeling the full power of the motorcycle in their hands.

However, when choosing a personal tool, doubts may arise about its reliability and safety. Some myths about it interfere with adequately assessing the motorcycle.

Motorcyclists die frequently and quickly. For some reason, it is believed that motorcyclists are real suicide bombers and cannot live long. This is almost the main misconception about motorcycles, and it is also extremely harmful. Modern devices are really dangerous and can lead to the death of the driver. Even on a regular model, you can accelerate on the track to 200 km / h and more, and tuning will also improve the bike's capabilities. However, with the increase in power, this technique becomes even more docile. The designers reduce the weight of the motorcycle, improve its suspension and brakes. New models are equipped with ABS, powerful vehicles have a traction control system that prevents the wheels from slipping. In just 10 years, technology has gone very far. Now, having acquired the necessary skills and a natural instinct for self-preservation, it is rather difficult to fall off a motorcycle. A reasonable person will find in driving an opportunity to get infinite pleasure. If the driver is nervous and unable to control himself, then the motorcycle will be a potential threat to him. But in this case, it will be possible to say the same about other types of transport: be it a bicycle or a car.

Falling from a motorcycle can cause serious injury. This myth appeared several decades ago, during the Soviet era. Then motorcyclists preferred to do without protective equipment. Firstly, it was not particularly effective, and secondly, it was simply not available. Even athletes were forced to wear felt boots or tarpaulin boots on their feet, and their head helmets, in their appearance and design, were more like chamber pots. There were few people who wanted to spoil their appearance, which is why people, falling even at low speed, hurt themselves painfully. But today, equipment has evolved significantly. The clothes received such a coating that can even withstand sliding on asphalt at a speed of 300 km / h. If you watch a slow-motion video of the falls of motorcycle athletes, you can see smoke coming out from under the fallen man. And he himself, having slipped several tens of meters, safely rises and runs to raise his bike. Even jeans that seem ordinary at first glance are made of Kevlar inserts. Whole laboratories design shields and helmets, and the finished products are certified, checking their resistance to the most aggressive influences. And falls don't always happen at high speeds. That is why the chances of getting injured with good equipment are low. Some motorcycle riders fell dozens of times, but each time they did without visiting the hospital.

A motorcycle is expensive. A new motorcycle with a small engine displacement, brought from Asia, costs from one hundred thousand rubles. Relatively workable used models from famous and respected brands from traditional regions will cost about the same. A new bike from a reputable manufacturer with a decent engine cubic capacity already costs from 400 thousand rubles, but it will be enough for several years of trouble-free operation at once. Even compared to cars, this is not an exorbitant price. In terms of its characteristics, such a bike for half a million will be comparable to a car that costs ten times more. At least the acceleration speed and maneuverability will not be worse. But the operating costs will be much lower. You will have to pay for a parking space, but it will pay off with simple maintenance and the cost of gasoline. The saved time and a lot of positive emotions will also be a plus.

On a motorcycle, you can violate traffic rules with impunity. Compared to cars, motorcycles seem so playful that they are difficult to catch if the rules are violated. If a person sits on a powerful modern bike, he will begin to violate within a few seconds after appearing on the road. In sports models, the first of six gears ends at 160 km / h, so you may not notice how the speed will exceed the permissible limits. However, the police have recently learned to deal with speed breakers. Cameras appeared on the road, shooting "under the tail." If one happens to be on the route of a motorcyclist-racer, then in a week it will be possible to earn several penalty receipts for an impressive amount. Then the desire to drive will certainly disappear, and black and white photographs of the back of a motorcyclist will remain in memory of the adventures. Do not forget about the presence in megacities and motorcycle police, whose number is constantly growing. These employees have fast and modern vehicles, and through daily practice they also gained good driving skills, learning how to catch careless racers. And although motorcyclists still have more options for breaking the rules than motorists, there is no need to talk about complete freedom. A dozen years ago, there were daredevils flying without a license and a helmet, drunk, in the oncoming lane. Today, such violations have every chance to leave the driver horseless, moreover, with a thinner wallet. And the traffic rules were invented for a reason. Compliance with them will help maintain health and live until old age.

Motorcyclists organize gangs, are engaged in robbery, violence, sale of weapons and drugs. In recent decades, a stable image of motorcycle gangs has developed in cinema. The production of action-packed films is based on this. In fact, even during the heyday of biker clubs and motorcycle gangs, they consisted of a small proportion of motorcyclists, only about one percent. This is exactly what the legendary patch on the club vest speaks about, indicating the share of club bikers among the total number of drivers. And today the general prosperity of Western society has grown, and the power structures did not sit idle. As a result, the percentage dropped to one hundredth of a percent. In Russia, the situation is even simpler. Domestic criminals traditionally prefer to use cars, and motorcycles were chosen by people of a completely different social environment. These drivers can get themselves numerous tattoos, decorate their leather jackets with colorful emblems, but at the same time they will remain part of the subculture, not the criminal world. Of course, among the club members there are those who demonstratively violate the driving rules or engage in petty theft, but no one has ever heard of any large criminal communities among bikers and even more so drug syndicates in Russia. The same famous "Night Wolves" prefer to create fame for themselves and gain influence through participation in political actions, rather than fighting the law.

The motorcyclist will certainly receive attention from the opposite sex. A beauty in a short skirt sitting in the back seat and snuggling against the driver is a beautiful stamp. Girls are constantly spinning around motorcyclists, but it is not clear whether they are drawn to powerful equipment and brutal men, or vice versa. In any case, a two-wheeled vehicle will only embellish a person's dignity. But if the driver turns out to be an uninteresting person, boring and unhappy, he will not be saved by a beautiful and powerful bike - nothing will come of macho. Wives should not worry either, a motorcycle will not provoke an initially faithful husband, not treason. If you really have concerns, you can at least unscrew the footpegs for the passenger.

To make friends with a motorcyclist, you need to ask him about the bike, its price, top speed, fuel consumption. In fact, such advice can lead to a backlash - an overly curious stranger will simply be sent away. There is already a whole collection of stupid questions that curious people harass motorcyclists. The most popular topics are about bike speed, price and consumption. It is better to come up with some more original topic for conversation.

You can't carry your luggage on a motorcycle. There are motorcycle models with built-in luggage carriers. Such devices can carry quite a lot of the most important things for a two-week trip. Of course, we are talking about a reasonable set. It is better to travel with animals, a guitar and warm clothes in your own car. Simpler motorcycles are usually sold without additional containers, but almost any model can be equipped with either a universal or specialized luggage system. They will significantly improve the load capacity of the bike. No one has canceled the inexpensive and easy-to-use luggage racks and backpacks.

The motorcycle will be uncomfortable to ride in the rain. This will be true, but only if it was decided to save money on equipment and the motorcycle itself. Then, after a few minutes, it will be possible to start chattering teeth from the cold, through the fogged glass of the helmet to observe the dirty streams of water. And every intersection of slippery markings will drive you into a stupor. For those who do not want to face such problems, it is better to attend to your own equipment. It includes a raincoat, gloves and motor boots with a membrane, the helmet must have a good ventilation system and have an anti-fog visor. The motorcycle itself must have a heated steering wheel, anti-slip and anti-lock systems. If all these conditions are met, a trip in the rain will no longer be so scary. Real motorcycle enthusiasts travel for hours under the rain, learning how to get real pleasure from it.

Riding a motorcycle is akin to a drug - this hobby is then impossible to get rid of. But this statement is in many ways already true. It is no coincidence that the bikers themselves say that four wheels carry a person's body, and two - his soul. Of all types of land transport, it is the motorcycle that provides the greatest range of emotions. It gives an incomparable feeling of freedom, not only on long trips, but even on daily commutes. A person feels how barriers are disappearing between him and the world around him. But apart from the emotional component there is also a rational one. Gone are the days when a motorcycle was an expensive and risky toy. Today, more and more people choose this transport, which allows them not to push in traffic jams and not to suffer with a parking space.

Equipment is a panacea for all problems. This misconception is to blame for many injuries and accidents. Even an experienced biker doesn't go out on the road without equipment. However, it should be understood that such protection should not interfere with the main thing - driving a motorcycle. Some dress up in bulky motorboats, wear gloves with numerous protective inserts and an integral helmet. However, in conditions of lack of experience, all this ammunition will only interfere with rapid maneuvering, without which there is nowhere in a modern city. Already during training at a driving school, it becomes clear which part of the equipment causes the greatest discomfort when driving, what can be changed for the better. In any case, back protection, "tortoise", as well as a helmet, must always be on the driver. But you should not rely on them and assume that now you can certainly drive with impunity.

A motorcycle is an unreliable technique. Today, the technique is no longer the same as it was in the 70s and 80s and which was enough for tens of thousands of kilometers, after which it began to “crumble”. The latest generation technology from famous brands (we are not talking about scooters) is guaranteed to travel up to one hundred thousand kilometers. If we are talking about a special model for travelers, a tourer, then it will travel even more. And for all the long time of operation, nothing may break at all. Motors in motorcycles are already four-stroke, with a volume comparable to that of an automobile.

You will have to tinker with a motorcycle and repair it every day. And again, you should forget about unreliable domestic samples, from which something constantly drips or flows. As with a good car, in a bike you just need to regularly change filters, oil and pads. And you can wind up with a starter, which will keep your hands clean. It is worth considering that the mileage of a motorcycle is still not the same as that of a car. For a season, even taking into account long journeys, it usually goes up to 15 thousand kilometers, so the resource will last for about 10 years. But few people ride the same motorcycle for so long. Progress is so rapid that in a few years, much more advanced models appear in stores, forcing them to make a choice. A motorcycle for a man is like a woman - you constantly want variety and something new.

Motorcycles are constantly stolen. Motorcycles do steal, but like all other vehicles. Only thieves are gradually realizing that bikes are cheaper than the same cars, and it's hard to sell them. When there used to be cheap domestic cars on the streets, motorcycles were of interest. Now it is easier for an attacker to steal an expensive Mercedes than to tinker with a motorcycle.

A large motorcycle has a longer stopping distance than a small one. It is true that big bikes are much heavier than small bikes, but braking systems are designed using this factor. As a result, any experienced rider can stop his motorcycle - whether large, empty, loaded or with a passenger - equally effectively.

In an emergency, it is best to brake immediately. In the first stage of the development of an emergency it is really better to start braking than trying to avoid a collision. However, do not think that this is the only solution in this case. It should be understood that modern motorcycles have an excellent power-to-weight ratio; there is always the opportunity to use acceleration under the right hand. Sometimes it turns out to be more beneficial to gas than mindlessly pressing the brake. Perhaps you can just leave the danger before it is finally formed?

A fallen motorcycle cannot be lifted. Nobody says it's easy. However, for any healthy person, no matter what his size and build, the task of lifting a motorcycle will be feasible. In this case, it is necessary to transfer the load to the legs, and not to the arms or back.

A bigger bike is easier to handle. The geometry and weight of these machines is such that they are really more stable on a straight line, but at the same time, such bikes are very clumsy. The steering should be meaningful, no tangible efforts should be made to the steering wheel. In the turn, the hands cannot relax. But do not be afraid, these efforts are a little more than on small motorcycles. A big bike just takes some getting used to, but the handling is a little more difficult overall.

Large motorcycles cannot be used on a daily basis.Of course, they perform best on long tracks, but why not ride such bikes to work or to the store? If a small motorcycle can be compared to a passenger car, then a large motorcycle can be compared to an SUV. But many people drive to work in jeeps. Do not leave the handsome man gathering dust in the garage and getting bored. Moreover, to improve your riding skills, it is better to practice and ride every day. If you skate only on weekends, you can remain a beginner forever.

A motorcycle is a primitive transport, not as perfect as a car. A modern motorcycle can be considered a masterpiece of engineering sense, a real work of technical art. The most advanced technologies are used to create this device. It has long become the norm to equip a motorcycle with a liquid engine cooling system, use an electric starter, a multi-stage gearbox, and a multi-valve system for injecting a gasoline mixture into the cylinders. Now no one is surprised by the models with anti-lock and traction control systems. There are bikes with an automatic transmission, and younger brothers - scooters - have long been equipped with it. The modern average bike has over 100 hp and less than 200 kg of curb weight. Such a device can accelerate to 100 km / h in just 5 seconds. Not every perfect car is capable of this.

A motorcycle is a transport for young people who do not have enough money to buy a car. The average age of a biker is usually 30-35 years old. Usually he is a brutal and charismatic man with a stable income, self-confident. In America, in general, driving a motorcycle is more likely to meet a gray-haired old man than a young man. In Europe, there are groups of mature women bikers. The sensations given by a motorcycle appeal to different age groups, and the older a person, the more he appreciates such feelings.

The motorcycle is difficult to drive. In the circus, you can see how even a bear drives a motorcycle. But his vestibular apparatus is clearly inferior to the human one. In any case, the process of learning to drive is quite difficult, it requires diligence and attention. The arrogant self-taught on the road is extremely dangerous for others and for himself. Somehow it seems that riding a motorcycle is as easy as driving a bicycle. However, training should be supervised by an instructor. He will tell you about the necessary driving skills. And then you should improve them on your own, reading the relevant literature and constantly training on sites free from people and transport.

Motorcycle - male transport. Men are really a bit easier to drive motorcycles. This is especially true when the bike needs to be lifted after a fall. But today more and more girls and women find themselves behind the wheel of a two-wheeled car. And in the countries of Southeast Asia, there is no gender discrimination at all.

A motorcycle is an individual one-seater vehicle. In most countries of Southeast Asia, the motorcycle is perhaps the most popular means of transportation. Here even two-wheeled devices, not to mention three-wheeled ones, act both as a taxi and as a freight transport. Those who have been to India or Thailand will confirm that there is only a cycle rickshaw or a hiking trip cheaper than a motorcycle taxi. Moreover, there are no fewer women than men among drivers. In our area, a motorcycle is usually used to carry only one person, the owner. Traveling with a passenger requires appropriate instructions. The rider must know how to hold on, where to turn the body when turning, how to enjoy the ride himself and not interfere with the driver.

A motorcycle only interferes with everyone on the road, posing a danger to all road users. When analyzing incidents involving a motorist and a motorcyclist, one can hear accusations against the latter. He is accused of imperceptible movement, of a sudden appearance on the road "for cars." The motorcycle is really more maneuverable, being able to pick up speed much faster. In dense traffic, the attention of drivers is reduced, the emphasis is on moving to a given point at a specified time. At the same time, it is not always possible to see in the rear-view mirrors a rapidly approaching motorcyclist, maneuvering between cars. But an analysis of accidents involving motorcycles says that it is the car drivers who are most often to blame for the accidents, inattentive and grossly ignoring the traffic rules.

Motorcycles are bad for the environment. Almost all models produced in the last 10-15 years have an exhaust gas analyzer. At the same time, the fuel consumption of such vehicles is several times less than in cars. Consequently, carbon dioxide emissions are also lower. And in traffic jams, the motorcycle does not need to be idle, forcing the engine to idle. The specific load of the wheels on the coating is less than that of a car. This suggests that the asphalt will suffer less from the load, as well as the unpaved country pavement. Not being a big target for the sun, the motorcycle absorbs some infrared radiation together with its rider without heating the city air around it. True, sometimes the owners of sportbikes get rid of standard exhaust systems in favor of tuned, noisier ones. But this is also a small problem, because the bike moves pretty quickly in space. Even recycling a motorcycle requires less energy than a car. In general, the skeleton of a bike can rarely be found in a landfill, there are too many non-ferrous metals in the structure. Owners of motorcycles, even the elderly, are anxiously watching their offspring, preventing oil, coolant and brake fluid leaks. And among the owners of old and wrecked cars, this attitude towards their cars prevails.

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