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People love to relax and love sex. People who dance while undressing to music are called strippers.

This profession is mainly for women, although recently men have found themselves in it. Girls usually look as well-groomed and sexy as possible, wrapping around the pole and the visitor, they make the client forget about everything in the world. Men, on the other hand, take with brutal strength and beauty of the body.

It's no secret that in life most of the stronger sex have either a tummy or a bald head. Some ladies lack the raw and primal beauty that they can find in a stripper.

I must say that this profession is not considered prestigious. People think that striptease is akin to prostitution, and representatives of the profession spend all their money on booze and drugs. Meanwhile, going out and dancing in front of a demanding audience is not so easy. The work of strippers is surrounded by numerous myths that we will debunk.

Elite strippers make a thousand dollars a night and live in luxury. This myth is partially true. For many visitors, spending on strippers is an unnecessary luxury. And this is not at all an invoice to be paid. Dancers today have to work harder, going to work more often than a decade ago. In America, in prosperous establishments, on average, strippers earn $ 150-400 per night. There is no need to talk about some exact statistics. Indeed, there are good nights when a dancer can earn a thousand. But this is rather an exception. It happens that for a shift, a girl leaves either with a trifle or no earnings at all.

All strippers are stupid and uneducated. There is an opinion that the girls around the pole could not find a better job, as they did not receive a decent education. Clients even scoff at them, reproaching the lack of a diploma. This myth seems logical, because it is difficult to imagine a stripper at a desk. If these people had a good education behind them, would they choose such a job? However, sometimes dancers perform much smarter than their clients, as evidenced by accidentally slipping words. It's just that people are pleased to believe that they are dealing with brainless beauties who are engaged in serving important guests. And the fact that this may not be so at all - I do not want to think, so as not to lower self-esteem.

Strippers are drug addicts and alcoholics. Those people who have been working in this area for a long time claim that strippers do not stand out in this regard. There are dancers who sit tightly on a needle or sniff "powder". But life shows that such people do not stay in their clubs for a long time. They either quickly disappear, or they are simply fired for violating the regime, which is not surprising given such a lifestyle. In clubs, alcohol can only be indulged in by a small attendant who is not tied to communicating with a client. It will be difficult for strippers to control the situation after taking a drink, which will prevent them from making money. Who cares about a drunken dancer who doesn't have an ounce of sexuality?

All strippers are horny nymphomaniacs. This myth is not difficult to debunk. Usually, communication with a client does not go beyond what is permitted. Could a worried nymphomaniac be able to constantly restrain herself?

Strippers have an Electra complex. This complex is similar to the Oedipus, only in this case we are talking about women. This manifests itself in an unconscious attraction to his own father. Girls begin to compete with their own mothers for his attention. And the complex is named in honor of the daughter of King Agamemnon, Electra. But why did such an opinion appear at all? Many dancers have a very good and trusting relationship with their father, as well as representatives of other professions of show business. Children grow up in normal families, just at a certain moment they choose this path for themselves. Some of the strippers probably suffer from the Electra complex, but there is definitely no connection with the profession.

Any stripper sooner or later suffered from sexual abuse. There are several well-known facts about violence against women. It is known that in daily life one in three suffers from harassment, one in four was subjected to violence under the age of 18 and each of six was eventually raped. But these statistics say nothing about the profession. And there are not so many strippers in the world to influence the disappointing performance. It is likely that there are strippers among the raped, but it can also be argued that they did not have to face such a problem. There are no official statistics on the representatives of this profession.

The strippers are dirty. For some reason, the "dirt" of the profession is transferred to the hygiene of the dancers themselves. In fact, a lot of attention is paid to cleanliness in this environment. Girls spend a lot of time looking after themselves. They have to pluck hairs, wax with wax, use masks, creams, constantly wash and treat those places on the body that an ordinary woman neglects. It is no coincidence that even the phrase appeared: "clean, like a stripper's vagina." And this is really true. People in this profession sell their bodies, not physically, but only in the form of a spectacle. Neglecting hygiene - leaving the client unhappy with the look and smell. So body cleanliness is an important part of the job.

Working as a stripper is easy. Is it easy to go out on stage under the spotlights in a room where prying eyes are constantly examining your body? In this case, you need to take off your clothes and feel confident. And dance should be sexy and beautiful. How many are capable of this? And this is just the beginning. It is worth taking into account the tipsy customers who lasciviously feel and strive to touch the stripper. And some are trying to assert themselves at her expense, releasing insulting jokes about her profession, appearance or mind. But sometimes friends and family members also condemn such an occupation. It is very difficult to endure this.

Strippers hate both their life and their job. There are such people among dancers, but most are quite calm about this. In this matter, strippers are no different from ordinary workers who do the same job day after day. Someone has come to terms with this, while someone is bathed in hatred, dreaming of a change in lifestyle.

Strippers just can't do more. Who prevents these people from taking place in life? There are those who bring up children, someone has a higher education. Most often they come to the profession not because of some terrible life failures. The dancers just like their job, which allows them to earn good money and preserves freedom. Strippers, thanks to their work, can pay for all their needs. And, as it turns out, there are more of them than ordinary girls. In this case, there is still something to postpone for a "rainy" day. There are strippers who have chosen this kind of work just for the sake of more communication with their children and for the sake of providing them with the best. Is this worthy of criticism? And for some, striptease is a temporary activity, an opportunity to accumulate funds for further study or business.

Strippers cannot have permanent relationships. A relationship breaks down if the partner cannot accept the job. But one has only to understand that things do not go beyond dancing, and curb their jealousy, a sense of possessiveness, as everything falls into place. Many strippers are married and quite happily married.

Any stripper offers additional services. Again, there are certainly those who want to earn extra money through certain services, sometimes intimate. In fact, there are not many of them in this profession. Selling the body is about visual enjoyment, not about using intimate parts to make money. Do not think that strippers are prostitutes and pester them with appropriate offers. Most likely, the woman will refuse to continue communicating with the client in his room and will call security in response to the harassment.

In striptease, money is earned at the pole. Clubs are divided into stage and dance. In some, there are no poles at all, and the girls earn money through their dances.

Everything that girls earn is left to them. Few people know that strippers are paid to perform on stage. In a normal establishment, the dancer signs a contract in which she undertakes to rent the club space. And the girls pay every night. Such a scheme is common in America, spreading from there throughout the world. There are other employees in the clubs who have to be paid: assistants, managers, DJs. Don't forget about taxes. As a result, the stripper will receive only 60-70% of all her earnings.

Strippers only make money from the spoiled kids of wealthy parents. In the evenings, ordinary-looking managers and clerks come to the clubs to watch the girls dance. Many visitors already communicate with strippers as if they were good friends. True, the girls still try not to cross the line of friendship. Such a relationship seems logical - a man earns money all week, and on weekends he spends it on entertainment, including striptease. And girls like such clients much more than spoiled "papa's little sons" who do not appreciate the money and work of other people.

The job of a stripper is humiliating. Isn't it a humiliation to work in trade and get money, which is enough for survival? Dancers, on the other hand, can receive a salary per day, which was previously earned by a whole month of labor. Clients may feel humiliated when they have nothing to pay for their club adventures or have to lie to their wife about where they spent the night. How can honest work be humiliating? And the bodies are also exposed by the photo models, but no one sees anything shameful in this.

Strippers are devoid of moral principles. There are those who consider such dancers to be people without moral principles. Supposedly they are just looking for their gold mine. In fact, these are ordinary people who want to earn honest work. A contract is not a form of selling a soul to the devil; it is simply a person negotiating the terms of work. What's immoral about that? It is a mistake to consider strippers as ready for anything prostitutes - work does not imply that.

It is easy for a stripper to be persuaded to have sex for money. This myth was created by pseudo-dancers and establishments that provide completely different services under the name of a strip bar. High-level establishments have a special atmosphere, unspoken etiquette reigns here. Girls not only behave decently, but they are under protection. How to treat strippers - like a high-class dancer or like a corrupt woman - is a personal matter. Don't just require people in one profession to do something else.

Strippers do not incur additional costs. There is no place for a semi-finished product in professional striptease. There is high competition here. It is no longer enough just to bare the body. The largest part of the artist's expenses goes to costumes, shoes, stylish accessories. And the beauty of your own body also requires financial investments. Classes in the gym, pool, solarium, hairdresser and beautician services are not cheap. Strippers have to spend money on choreographers, musicians, directors. The range of such services depends on the level of striptease that the artist wants to show. A storyless pole dance, even with beautiful, but ordinary underwear, is already becoming unclaimed. But interest in erotic shows, theaters, staged stripteases is awakening. The competition among performers is so high that high-quality performances need to be staged not only in the club, but also at private parties.

Male strippers can't do anything. Not everyone can perceive dancing as a profession. Meanwhile, work is important not only morally, but also physically. A male stripper should have a pumped-up body, which means going to the gym regularly. In men's dances, the emphasis is not on a perfect body, but on the professionalism of the performer and the ability to create a show from the performance. And this must be learned. It is no coincidence that in the West, male striptease lessons are more expensive than female ones. The strippers themselves say that in this profession women only need to show their bodies - men "love" with their eyes. And a man has to work with his head, because a woman needs communication. Women do not need beautiful buttocks, they go to clubs to be seduced and seduced, for this you have to try.

Women are more supportive listeners to strippers. In life, women are considered affectionate and gentle. For some reason, it seems that in erotic performances the dancer costs nothing to gain their favor. But strippers themselves lament that everything has changed since women became independent and earn good money. For them, men are just soulless sex toys. And this situation is happening all over the world. There are stories about how aggressive ladies jump out on stage and literally stick to the dancers, almost raping them. And any stripper has similar stories, it is no coincidence that the profession is considered dangerous. Yes, and female jealousy can bring surprises.

Male stripper provides intimate services. Offering intimacy for money is likely to offend the dancer. The main income strippers receive from a small salary (and in some clubs there is none), payment for private dances, tips and consumption. In Spain, proud representatives of this profession generally claim that here men do not sleep with women for money. But in America, some performers only make money, while dancing is just a form of advertising. But this is still an exception that only proves the rule.

A male stripper earns more than a girl in the same profession. The fact that male strippers are less common implies their exclusivity and hence income. In fact, girls in this profession almost always earn more. For them, the main part of their income is expensive private dancing, and men most often have to rely on tips, which directly depend on the income of their clients. The guys have few private orders, and there are practically no regular customers. The secret lies in female psychology. It is easier for girls to give money gradually than in one private dance at once. And men in our world earn more, therefore, they can spend more on their entertainment.

The profession of a stripper is ideal. From the outside it seems that there are no shortcomings and limitations in this work. Enthusiastic spectators are circling nearby, the working day is short, and the fees are high. Here are just already mentioned about the heavy female character and generally low wages. It is worth mentioning the constant restrictions that the stripper voluntarily imposes on himself. He cannot eat fatty, flour, he must forget about beer. The main part of the dishes is chicken and fish. It turns out that cellulite and fullness come to men no less quickly than to women.And in men's striptease there is high competition and a long trial period. Some people have to prove their charm, plasticity and texture for a whole month. For dancers of this genre, the critical age comes at 30-35 years old, so a lot of efforts will have to be made to realize oneself in the profession.

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